economical, my ass.


In late August of 1999, a full two years after we destroyed the Omni, we decided it was time to show Todd this website, unfinished as it was, before he left for his final year of college in D.C.  Joshua and Ryan had bought the car from Todd early that summer, long ago, but we all still tended to think of it as his.  No doubt it will always remain a part of him, as first cars always do.  Somehow, we kept the Omni's destruction a secret from Todd during that entire two year period, hoping to get this website up and running.  Finally we sat him down at a computer in Jonas's bedroom and surfed to the very site you are exploring now.  At first he took it well... he was amused by second gear and seemed to enjoy reading about all of us and his little hatchback.  But midway through third gear he paused sighed, and spoke, slowly and sadly:

"I cant believe you guys killed my car."

Todd, Fatty and Jonas

A strange picture of Todd, our friend Ryan "Fatty" MacFarlane, and Jonas back in the day.


Reach the Rock

    Daniel, Ryan and Todd on the Plymouth Rock, Christmas Eve 1999, 

taking photos for Jonas's birthday.



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