economical, my ass.


Full Name: Daniel Weber Sankey

Born:   May 14th, 1977

Profile:   If Dan had a job during the summer of '97, we don't remember what it was.   Maybe he worked in a bike shop or something. Mostly he was seen heading out for a work out at the gym, or lounging around Fatty's house and sacred patio holding a beer.  Come to think of it, his Honda Civic didn't move from the Christy's parking lot next door for about a month.  This isn't simply a joke--he really didn't move that car.  It's amazing he wasn't towed.

face time in apartment 5

     After the summer of '97 Daniel spent a wonderful year living with Ryan and Joshua at 4 Price Road in the delicious beantown neighborhood of Allston.  Daniel moved west to Cleveland Circle with Ryan, and now spends most of his spare time organizing a few wicked pissa unions fah Baston workas who have trubble gettin good jobs in cunstruction.  He works at International Bicycle Center, on Brighton Ave., where he sells loads of expensive bicycles daily and generally whips a great deal of ass.  Dan is known for being well dressed, for his tastes in music that range from Tom Waits to Sqarepusher, for his love of meat, exercise, snowboarding, ladies, and and for the mind-boggling mess in his bedroom.  His last name has inspired a verb used frequently in the Plymouth area.

     With all due respect to Todd and to the engineers at Dodge, Dan has little or no remorse for the death he helped bring to this poor car. 


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