I don't even have a piece of tin, I have to envy yours


Full Name:  Joshua Paul Tupper

Born:   March 16th, 1977

Profile:   Often referred to simply as "Josh", this sly fellow was co-owner of the Omni during the summer of 1997.  The car was Joshua's seventh in the following curious long line of descending quality vehicles: an '86 Buick Century inadvertently ruined by a friend (see profile on Daniel); an '81 Honda Civic crashed on Rte. 44 in Plymouth; a red '85 Subaru GL wagon sold to some kid despite various defects; a brown '79 Subaru GL wagon abandoned in Virginia; a blue '84 Subaru GL wagon rendered useless thanks to busted CV joints; and a gray '84 Mercury Topaz with a transmission that died after two weeks.

.boy racer, boy racer, oh...

During the summer of '97 Joshua was employed as a lazy ice cream vendor in Wareham, MA, on a '74 Good Humor truck he shared with Ryan.  He currently lives in a posh apartment in Boston, and is employed by the Starbucks corporation on Church Street in Cambridge.   Joshua enjoys working on his Honda CB550k  and CB750k motorcycles; he loves Giant Sand, a band from Tucson; and like most of us, he LOVES to barbeque.  Joshua also enjoys playing solitaire.  In September '99 he moved out to Phoenix, Arizona, to attend the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.  We all wish him luck as he strives to survive out in the great west, that much closer to the rest of his life.

Although he was as excited as the rest of us about Project Omni, Joshua was heard to say after it was all over that "losing that car made my little heart go pitter-pat".


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