I don't even have a piece of tin, I have to envy yours



you have got a witness, brother


Full Name: Jeremy Daniel Gantz

Born: October 27th, 1981

Profile: As you may have guessed from their similar surnames, Jeremy is Ryan's younger brother.  However, unlike Ryan, who has moved out closer to the "real world", Jeremy gets to sit home with Mom and Dad in Plymouth, where he plays with Ryan's stuff.  During the summer of '97, Jeremy was too young to have much of a job, but he has since found sweet and relaxing employment at the Yankee Bookshop on North Street in Plymouth.

     Jeremy is currently a senior in high school at Falmouth Academy, a small private school located on Cape Cod.  Jeremy spends his time playing guitar, acting, expanding his record collection, wearing three-piece brown corduroy suits, and being a wonderful, hilarious brother.  He may or may not have a big head, but he definitely enjoys jamming with his "sensitive" R&B band, Color Me Badd.

    Jeremy takes a minute out of every day to thank the sweet Lord that he will never have to inherit this car.

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