We had this big aquarium set up for a while, but the fish kept going belly up so we got rid of the equipment and the fancy fish and got a plain old run of the mill goldfish.  It lived in a big fruit jar with no lid in my brother's room, on top of his dresser.

But the thing was that it was summertime, and things got pretty hot, so over the course of a week the water in the jar would evaporate and algae would grow and no one would even go into the room during the daytime.  Some times my brother forgot to feed it.

dirty water.

So one day Josh and I come in and you can barely make out the fish floating in the cloudy green slime, circling around gently, hungrily, through the single inch of water left in the jar.  We laughed so hard.  Later we put the fish inside a clear glass lamp and it died.