Jeremy Gantz Oct. 29, 1993 P.C.I.S

          I exhibited behavior that was very  inappropriate for a school field trip. What I did wrong was spit into the tank below the balcony into the penguin tank. It was a very stupid thing to do. I'm very sorry about all of it. The reason is, it's against school rules and  because it is obviously very rude, and it hurts our school's reputation not only to the aquarium but also to other school's that day. This incident could hurt other's people's right's to go to the aquarium some other time and day. If I ever had a chance to take that back I surely would.  

       The way I got myself into this position is by excepting the dare by Kurt to spit into the water. All I had to do is say no and I would'nt have got in trouble but I did and that's that. I know I should have thought about it before I did it but it's to late now. At first I said no but then I took the dare. It was definitely my fault because I did not have to do this at all. That is what I did wrong and that's how I got into the incident.

oh brother.