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A great day of chess and barbeque in the park. Josh asked me to put up some of the photographs from the Giant Sand show that we went to last Saturday.  So there you go.


Pictures to Prove It.


Well, after the Sedona pics I got real motivated and decided to put together slide shows of the New Year's weekend that Andrew, Joshua and I spent together following our Cannonball Run to Arizona. I even packaged all of these recent photos into one delightful page entitled Winter Way Out West. Why? Because I'm fresh like that. Never let It be said that I spend hours on this electric thingamajig for no reason.... I do this for you, the real people--the people who are out there, day in and day out, getting your hands dirty. I've ridden that horse, my friend. Hey, my dad bought me a car after my free ride to college too--so believe me, I know what you're going through. But, just forget about all of that for a minute. Let me hold you.


Javelina, Among the Trees...


Today Joshua and I drove a couple of hours north to Sedona, a little old town in a beautiful part of the country. Arizona really is a pretty rad state. We checked out a giant chapel built into the red, red rocks and took a casual walk along Little Horse trail. Joshua's back has been bothering him a lot more these past couple of days. We had a good time, though, and you can see it all for yourself in the Sedona Slide Show.   There are fifteen photos and a few captions.


Ryan Gets a Haircut.


About time, too.


Tow Truck Guy Drops Bike.  


Joshua got some imitation narcotics and the tow truck guy brought his motorcycle back. Then the guy let the bike fall over. The bike is pretty roughed up, but Josh seems to be pleased. Check out a bunch of pictures showcasing its condition.


Joshua took a spill.  


Joshua was in a motorcycle accident last night. He stayed in the hospital for 16 hours. He fractured a vertebrae, and his left shoulder hurts, but he will be okay. Have trouble trying to figure out what happened by reading this .


I'm not gay or anything.  


Here are a couple of high-res photos of tonight's sunset here in "the best run city in the world", Phoenix, Arizona. It was pretty warm today--perhaps close to 70 degrees at one point. Click: One Click: Two . Sunsets are like this almost every day, my friend. And I haven't altered these pictures at all, by the way.


Anything for Eyeballs.


I've been getting quite a few Project Omni submissions from folks who heard about the site from radio stations in Philly, PA and Trenton, NJ.  So let me kindly extend official sixfoot6 props to the DJs in question, whoever they are, for helping to promote goodness and well being to the mid-Atlantic area.  Also, you'll find some new stuff on the left.


My Big Break?


I received an email this morning from a Tom Kief, who does a morning radio show on WRVE in Albany, NY.  HE expressed interest in interviewing one of us about the Project Omni site. Could be fun. I wrote back and told him I would do it for no less than seven dollars and one of his female interns.  Haven't heard back yet.


Road Trip Photos.


Do yourself a favor and check out the twenty-one images I have just tweaked and captioned and mounted and posted. These photos casually document the 48 hours of fun, beauty and movement that was our non-stop journey from Plymouth, Massachusetts to Phoenix, Arizona. Enjoy these Road Trip Slides as you would enjoy slides of Christmas 1959 in the Florida Keys at your old Uncle Jimmy's house.


Slap Ma Fro!


This has got to be one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.  Check out The Dialectizer at  It converts any text you enter into one of several dialects: jive or redneck or the Swedish Chef, etc.  But what's cool is that you can use it to load up ENTIRE web pages.  Try it with, its friggin' hilarious.  The Dialectizer changes syntax, spelling, diction, and occasionally inserts unexpected interjections.  Sweet lord, this will amuse me for hours.


Suburban Christmas


I put up fifteen pics of Christmas at home with the family here .  I'll be keeping the photos small from now on so you should be able to view them quickly, should you happen to be interested. I'm going to start putting together the road trip pictures, since that's the good stuff. Site news: i like this new format but at the same time i dont want my life to look like a business, so im trying to find a happy medium. i ran into a content soothsayer, but he didn't quite do the trick.  horrible joke. sorry. hell, somebody please email me. Journal entry: so many things are this color in the desert.  joshua and i live near a ranch park something place where we pulled up a picnic table to play chess yesterday, and as we played, chickens and peacocks and pigeons approached us and made funny bird sounds.  there were rabbits, too, and josh said "i wonder why the cats don't try to kill the bunnies," and i laughed and then he laughed, the sun screaming across in parallel from low to the horizon because here nothing grows both tall and wide. the sky maintains a hue of true blue and even as we speak it is sixty-one degrees outside.  bass-heavy cars stream by the front window, tricked out to the limit, without a spot of rust.  hmm, i had better start at the beginning...    [more] site news: Well, as you can see, my neat-o web site has grown a bit sleeker and faster and let me assure you that these changes are all for the better and all to benefit you, the user and me, the web guy.  It's a new Millennium, now, and things have to be better and faster and more efficient and also better.  Fewer errors and mittakes.  Mostly I just needed something to do and I figured it might be a good idea to integrate some of my compartmentalized nonesense into a tight home page front end thingy. I will post journal entries and site news and links and other random stuff here, so you can expect it to grow longer and longer.  I'm living in Phoenix now; Joshua and Andrew and I drove out here in my '79 Granada without any trouble and we spent New Year's Eve in the desert around a campfire.  I promise to spill my guts soon about everything that has happened since before Christmas.

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