way out west.



no sleep 'til phoenix 
december 28th, 1999
 massachusetts to arizona 
in two days flat 

new year in the desert
 december 31st, 1999
 ringing in the millenium in
 sunny honey phoenix

keepin it real in LA
 january 1st, 2000
a couple of days to and

 from the city of concrete

javelina among the trees
 january 15th, 2000
 watching the earth and sky
 in sedona, arizona

the earth stands still
 january 22nd, 2000
tucson, az: a cozy hodge-
 podge of style and culture. 

two tractor days
 February 12-13, 2000
 antique work horses
 close by, in glenville

thirty-six phoenix pics
january - march 2000 
an attempt to capture the
many facets of phoenix 

eastbound boy and girl 
 March 12-25, 2000
 the long laughing drive 
home - coming soon

copyright ryan 

gantz 2000