sixfoto6 - all images copyright 2000 ryan d. gantz

winter way out west

These are pictures taken since December 28th, 1999, when Joshua, Andrew and I hopped in my car for a two day road trip to drive out to Phoenix, where I'm currently living.  There are road trip photos, new year's photos, pictures of phoenix and los angeles,  as well as photographs of sedona, packaged in slide show form. More to come soon.


my family xmas

Photographs taken on December 25th, 1999 in my home. This slide how documents the trials and tribulations of a good old New England Middle class Christmas.


fall in carlisle, pa

This section contains about 100 photographs taken during October and November of 1999 during the time that Jonas Pizer let me stay at his apartment. You'll find snapshots of the kitchen, photographs of the town, and pictures of road trips to New York and Washington D.C. These pictures are split into five neatly organized sections. Some are quite nice looking. Woo-hoo.


bu graduation

Photos taken on May 23rd, 1999, the day of my graduation from Boston University. There are pictures of campus, of the ceremony, of my friends, and of my family.


gantztock 97

Classic photographs of a big ass party thrown at my house during early August of 1999. Includes photos of my friends, photos of my brother's band playing in the backyard, and one special "morning after"  moment.


the strip mall

The future of commerce.


fall of rome

Shot in Rome, Italy during January of 1999.


black and white 

These are photographs I took during the spring of 1999 for a introduction to photography class. They include strange self-portraits, images of friends, and a close look at Boston's Big Dig.


andrew wollman (removed)

A few casual photographs taken by my friend Andrew Wollman  of life in his office, at MadTV in Los Angeles.  


joshua tupper (removed)

Photographs Joshua Tupper took of the world he discovered upon first moving out to Phoenix in September of 1999. Includes photographs of sunsets, motorcycles, a visit to Andrew in LA, and some pictures from the previous summer back home in Plymouth.


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