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What Silliness is this.


Since I bought my 4-track in 1996, there has been plenty of time to record ridiculous songs with my friends.  The following tunes are the best of the best, posted on under the name sixfoot6 silliness.  I hope you get a laugh out of this stuff, because we sure do.





This song is the classic recording among our circle of friends.  It was recorded during the summer of 1996, sometime around Gantzstock III.  Once my best friend Joshua laid down some pleasant country-folk-rock guitar chords, Andrew Wollman and I took turns improvising lyrics.  We had been barbequing pretty hardcore that summer, so we got stuck on the BBQ theme, and finally I managed to complete the song without bursting into laughter too many times.  Give a listen and you'll hear Andrew making comments, Josh laughing in the background, and me singing about the girl "wearin' nothin' but bacon grease, linguica, and the cover to the barbecue."  We still find this funny.  Maybe you had to be there.


Joshua Tupper: acoustic guitar and laughter

Ryan Gantz: country vocals and laughter

Andrew Wollman: comments and laughter

Written by all of us, more or less.



Bein' A Pimp 


My brother Jeremy wrote this song at school just before he came up to visit me in Boston in March of 1998.  We tweaked the lyrics a bit and laid it down live in one take in the living room of my Allston apartment.  It's about bitches and hos and live on the sweet streets, the sort of thing white private school kids really identify with.  Jeremy plays slide funk guitar and I sing backup with soul while shaking a tambourine.  This song includes great lyrics like "I aint no wimp, I aint no gimp, I'm the motherfuckin' PIMP."


Jeremy Gantz: guitar, lead vocals, soul

Ryan Gantz: tambourine, backup vocals, soul

Written by Jeremy, with lyrical suggestions from Ryan



Crack Crack Crack


My good friend Virgil and I had the urge to record a little something during the spring of 1998, so we wrote and recorded this song in about a half an hour.  It just talks about us smoking a lot of crack, and living in the ghetto, and it features a great chorus.  Virgil can really sing, and that makes the difference on this track.  I get a chance to sing falsetto and cough (from all the crack smoke in my lungs).  Like Virgil sings, "White little rock cures all the pain: Columbia's loss is America's gain."


Virgil Ghita: guitar, lead vocals, backup vocals

Ryan Gantz: backup vocals, egg shake, coughing

Music by Virgil, mostly

Lyrics by Ryan and Virgil

Mixed by Ryan



Sickle Sickle Vodka


Another in the line of songs featuring thrice-repeated substance-abuse choruses.  A strangely conceived and darkly performed Soviet snow-folk ballad, in which I pull out most of the stereotypical  Russian references I can come up with.  It's all in a minor key, with acoustic guitar, peculiar synth-piano, and double Russian vocals.  Somehow I successfully followed this idea to it's logical conclusion and came out with a Soviet Eminem parody.


Ryan: vocals, guitar, BOSS DR-5 Synth, more vocals, drinking.




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