Sixfoot Sitefeed6.

Site feeds allow you to keep up with your favorite news and weblog sites using software or an online aggregator like Bloglines. Your feed reader checks your favorite sites and displays new entries, saving you the trouble of having to repeatedly visit only to discover that I haven't updated a damn thing. In conclusion, you may subscribe to the feeds below to keep abreast of all my adventures and webby discoveries, if you are the feed reading sort.

Sixfoot6 Weblog

These feeds include blurbs from and links to my main front page blog entries.

Sixfoot6 Daily Links

I link to lot of articles and random memes about design, politics, oddities and art.

Mighty McPilgrim Laugh Links

I'm part of a Boston-rooted comedy troupe called Mighty McPilgrim. The MMP blog and funny feeds catch most of the humorous junk I find on the intarweb.

More about feeds and RSS.

Feeds are fun. RSS stands for "really simple syndication," and offers a standardized way to extract data from a weblog like mine. If you'd like more info, Dave Shea has a great rundown of XML and RSS.

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