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posted 18 Apr 2007, 9AM | 5 Comments

Well, I never posted my SXSW panel notes in real time as I'd planned to do, but I do have the notes around here somewhere. Oh well. You can't fit everything in. I was talking to my old boss/buddy Will from the golf course a couple weeks ago, asking him about trying to run a business full time now that he has a toddler. "There are always 3 work things that never get done, every day," he explained. "At some point you just have to embrace it as the way things will always be."

[Note: just pushed some changes to Southers for Will. Slideshow script, Flash video, couple of design tweaks. Hotness.]

So rather than fighting to fit more in (work, projects, ideas, media, people), I'm trying to let go a bit. Realistic priorities. Remember when I was a Let Go sort of person? I do. Funny enough, spring hit (here in the SB, at least) and brought changes. This calls for another ordered list:

  1. Returned from 3 weeks of work/travel, including SXSW, a week working from Mass and a 4 night bachelor party in Amsterdam. Basically saw 80% of my friends within a 3 week period. Learned that mixing vacation travel and working isn't always easy.
  2. Jenny and I got a new puppy. His full name is Gordon Shumway, but we call him Alfie. I've never had a dog before. He's pretty awesome. I don't mind the workday distraction so much.
  3. With a few small exceptions, I'm no longer taking on new freelance work. I'm trying to flush out old projects to try living a normal domestic life. Day job 7-3, regular people stuff + hobby projects after that. Actual weekends. We'll see how it goes. The IRS took a bite this month, so who knows.
  4. Jenny and I are switching to a mostly raw food diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables all over the place. I can feel my body getting healthier. It's not always easy, but after a while your body starts to crave the healthy stuff. And with Alfie, at least I'm walking more.
  5. New Mighty McPilgrim show planned in North Hollywood on May 10th. Sketches new and old. So we're gearing up for that. - more info to follow.

Life is good here. Surprisingly rewarding, having my own home, yard, wife, job, dog. Time for a gin and tonic.

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19 Apr 07 at 02:51PM Andrew said:

Man, I hear you. I've got about two-thirds of a SXSW post written, which I'm going to finish off tonight. It's been backing up my blogpipe for weeks (not because I promised to post something but because I've got something to say, but haven't had the time'n'energy to say it) so it'll be nice to unload all that.

Congrats on the Alphie, on the home, and on everything else. It was great hanging out with you and the rest of the gang. I miss you already.


22 Apr 07 at 09:37AM EricaLucci said:

I'm glad to hear life is good!


24 Apr 07 at 09:40AM nicole said:

YOU'RE A SLACKER! Nah, I'm just pulling your abnormally long leg :)


28 Apr 07 at 06:01AM Virgil said:

Try running a family business, a new home, marriage, and top of it all, one year old twins. 3 things never get done? Try more like a couple of dozen. At first, the fact that certain errands and household chores were getting forgotten or never gotten to would drive the wife and I crazy. Eventually, you really have to let go or start pulling your hair out.

Glad to hear things are well with you, my friend. We miss you out on the East Coast.


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