A Much Needed Break

posted 9 Mar 2007, 9AM | 2 Comments

Here I sit in the Phoenix airport, enroute to Austin for my 7th SXSW. Then next week it's onward to Boston... then to Amsterdam for Fatty's bachelor party (dear lord), then back to Boston for a few days... then home to Santa Barbara at the end of the month. Another trip in a year of much travel.

Jenny and I have had a fantastic & busy couple of months in SB, with her new job as a producer/editor for the local ABC station; lots of cool design projects for me, a visit to NYC to meet the whole PlusThree team, not to mention the birth of my new niece Danika last weekend. Plenty of babysitting in store.

I managed to sleep a bit last night, and I'm excited to see my geek friends, to play with legos and to relax, learn and socialize. Keep tabs on me via Flickr and Twitter (see the updated "Stuff I'm doing block on the front page of this site), and I'll try to post here regularly during the trip. Time to start writing more, eh?

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13 Dec 07 at 02:12AM dwnrzqita kuhpfl said:

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