30 Things the iPhone Could Do That You Haven't Thought of Yet

posted 10 Jan 2007, 1PM | 41 Comments

iphone.jpgSo, like the rest of the geek and semi-geek worlds, I'm completely enamored with Apple's new iPhone. As a would-be interface designer, I'm blown away. If you haven't seen Apple's demos or photos of the unit, I recommend you take a look. With video iPod functionality, OSX as its platform, multi-touch sensing screen, an accelerometer, proximity sensor, full web browser, 2 megapixel camera, rich-text email, widgets, Google Maps, WiFi, Bluetooth, new voicemail tech and a remarkable UI all included, the sky's the limit.

Here's a list of 30 theoretical iPhone uses you may not have considered. Have other suggestions? Add a comment.

  1. Connect to your home network.
  2. Shoot, upload, tag, and organize Flickr photos, all from the unit itself.
  3. Play Nintendo DS homebrew games.
  4. Run a ported version of any existing OSX dashboard widget.
  5. Download songs directly from the iTunes Store.
  6. Shoot, edit (iMovie Pocket, anyone?) and upload video directly to YouTube.
  7. Multi-touch puzzle games. Just imagine.
  8. Update its software without user assistance
  9. Share songs with a friend, Zune squirt-style (shudder)
  10. Run a sexy partly line (circa-1987) to earn you literally dozens of dollars, thanks to its "merge calls" function.
  11. Act as a portable 8gb Bluetooth / USB hard drive
  12. Help you plot your day about town with a version of Gmap Pedometer.
  13. Ping home to see what's waiting to be watched on your Apple TV.
  14. Act as a steering wheel for a racing game shown on its own screen.
  15. Make Skype calls that auto-transfer to WiFi when a network is detected.
  16. Let you SSH or FTP into a server from anywhere.
  17. Bring you to tears when it falls and skids face-down across a parking lot.
  18. Broadcast what you're listening to, in real time.
  19. Run advanced image editing software (rotate, zoom, and crop with your fingers!)
  20. Connect to a Bluetooth keyboard for easier input
  21. Allow instant messaging with any existing chat client on any platform.
  22. Stream internet radio direct to your headphones.
  23. Record meetings, memos, or rock concerts.
  24. Let you copy a passage from an eBook and post it to your blog.
  25. Wake you in the morning by reading your email or news headlines out loud.
  26. Automatically enter standby mode when set on a flat, level surface.
  27. Let you monitor a babysitter spy cam during your dinner date.
  28. Run Microsoft Office.
  29. Accept voice commands: "iPhone, play Gnarls Barkley".
  30. Pause the home video you're watching only when your mom calls.

Sure, it's pricey at $499, but life's better just knowing that I'll eventually own one. Plus, my AAPL stock is up 10 percent, for now ;)

Update: Of course, much of this list will be impossible if the iPhone doesn't run an open OS that people can develop for.

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