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posted 5 Dec 2006, 1AM | 8 Comments

As I drove up the coast on the 101 late last Thursday night (In 'N Out milkshake in hand) it occurred to me that there's a lot of great stuff going on in my life these days. I've also been thinking a lot about something Alison wrote - how in the old days she would ask herself, "When I sit down tonight to write about today, what will I say?"

I was the same way, 5 years ago. Until I'm better embracing the part of me that remembers creation is mandatory, here's a list of what I've been up to. Sometimes you've gotta dump the brain cache of potential posts to make room for fresh material, for life.

  • 8/9: Bachelor party in Vegas. Cracks me up to think about it.
  • 8/12: Married Jenny on a truly beautiful day. All wedding receptions should have a bouncy castle. Check out 94 formal photos from the wedding. Or thumb through 600 candids from our wedding day. Or hold your breath until we pick a manageable set of 50.
  • 8/17 - 9/1: Honeymoon in Thailand. Fun and relaxing.
  • October: One of the best New England autumns I can remember. I made it a point to go jogging for a few minutes each day. The sun, the air.
  • 10/6: Started a new full time job with PlusThree after considering multiple offers. They've got me doing interface design (Photoshop, XHTML, CSS), big rollouts for political campaigns & non-profits. It's great working from home with structure and project management. (designed book site for Edwards, working on this). Thanks to Rusty for helping me get the job. (again).
  • 10/7: Spent the day in Salem to celebrate my friend Hollis's 30th birthday. What a nice, witchy town.
  • 10/21: My PC died its final death when I sat down (under the influence) to show my friend Jake the video for Peanut Butter Jelly Time. Shut down and never turned on again. Good riddance.
  • 10/22: Bought a 24" iMac from the Apple Store in Braintree, MA, along with a copy of Parallels to browser-check XP in realtime. With me second monitor, it's the ideal system. Wish I could have done this years ago.
  • 10/26: Rigged the "Stuff I have Created" section atop the Sixfoot6 front page to load random items on refresh. More coming.
  • 11/7: Flew to NYC with Rusty to visit the company office and see friends. Fantastic to be there for the elections - all our candidates won. Such optimism, the mood at the Drinking Liberally party on election night. Sipping coffee while staring out of a 27th floor window, in NYC on business, it occurred to me that I'm an adult. It's nice, and I'm not bad at it.
  • 11/10 - 11/17: After 13 wonderful months, left Massachusetts behind (again) and drove west. A crying mother is never an easy thing to bear. I miss my parents, my backyard, downtown Plymouth, Molly, Josh and Dave. A good drive, my 7th cross country leg - Boulder and salt flats in Utah were highlights.
  • 11/23: Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara. I played with my nephew and our friends' daughter, Etta. Back in Mass, my parents had no children around for the holiday : (
  • 11/30: The first of three McPilgrim shows at the Lounge Theatre in Hollywood. Catch us at 9pm on Dec 7th or 14th, performing with another comedy troupe. Felt good to be on stage again.
  • 12/1: My Nintendo Wii arrived, a housewarming gift to ourselves. Best thing ever. Tennis! Zelda! I agree with Jason's Wii thoughts. And once i figured out how to catch fish, Zelda has been a blast.
  • 12/2: Jenny and I moved into our new house here in Santa Barbara, a beautiful 3 bedroom home near the Santa Barbara Mission. It's good to have warm weather and our own space again. Now we just need to unpack.

Now I need to massage my somewhat creative brain. And buy some groceries.

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5 Dec 06 at 05:54PM Ryan Gantz said:

Testing new comment spam blocker thing.


5 Dec 06 at 07:01PM Lisser said:

Thanks for making me miss you now more than ever. Oh wait! What's that? 9 days? Sweeet!


6 Dec 06 at 01:56AM R. [TypeKey Profile Page] said:

That was a swell catch-up.


7 Dec 06 at 01:50AM Andrew said:

Thanks for the run-down.


7 Dec 06 at 07:35PM Chris said:

Congrats on all of the congratulatable things!

Santa Barbara is beautiful, one of the better places to be.


9 Dec 06 at 07:53PM Jake said:

Jake did LOVE peanut butter jelly time, finally I got the family guy reference. I also enjoyed the "under the influence" experience/farewell with Ryan. I do lament that I can't attend Mighty McPilgrim shows. Massachusetts misses the newlyweds.


10 Dec 06 at 07:44PM sixfoot6 said:

The newlyweds miss Massachusetts. I would say that it's nice to be here for the warm weather, but i hear it's warm in Mass also. I have heard that this is Al Gore's fault or something.

Jake is my hero.


11 Dec 06 at 04:02PM Martha said:

Yay for this rundown, and all the good things contained within. John Edwards!

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