Fall Phase Three

posted 1 Nov 2006, 9PM

i believe that traditionally fall has three distinct phases. the first begins in mid-September: it's the initial cooling of summer warmth, a breeze and all that seasonal anticipation (often wrapped up in memories of a new school year, a change of job, that first knowing that cold is coming). scorpions would call this phase "The Winds of Change".

second: the October switch into autumn proper, the leaves change color and the nights cool; there are colors everywhere. phase 2 is the autumn we fantasize about. cool enough for flannel and sweatshirts, no need yet for heavy coats.

the cusp between 2 and 3 is everything i long for.

sometime between the end of daylight savings and halloween that final fall finally kicks in, trees swaying leafless, nights getting cold. it was warm today, (some seasonal phase jumping, thank you, global warming) but with the 4:30 sunset now in full effect, i know it's time to go away again.

i move west in 10 days, probably for good.

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