Season's Change

posted 26 Sep 2006, 9PM | 1 Comments

Me and the new wife have been back in Massachusetts for almost three weeks now. I keep thinking we've been home longer. It's a reminder that when you fill your day with a variety of activity, time feels fuller somehow.

When I used to work building the golf course behind my house, nearly every day felt full like that. You could have a good day and a bad day all within the same day. There's such a variety of weather when you're outside for 12 hours.

And back then, when I'd see people on two Saturdays in a row, it was like months had passed in between. Tons of stories to tell. It's not like that at an office job. Well, since I last saw you I've been... basically sitting at a desk. So.

Fall crept in early and is taking its sweet time. A global warming blessing. The nights are cool and the leaves are teasing us. Does anyone know why the trees on the edge of ponds in my hometown change color before others. The cool nightwater?

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26 Sep 06 at 06:03PM cheamp said:

Im fairly certain leaves only change color due to light conditions. Temperture is irrelevant. Differences in leaf color timeline is usually due to the species of the tree. You'd think the trees by the edge would get more light.

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