Milk and Honeymoon

posted 20 Aug 2006, 12PM | 3 Comments

So, our wedding day was one of the best days of my life. All of our months of planning came together perfectly thanks to a full day of hard work from our friends and Jenny's family. Amazing to get so many of the people I love together in one place, and I'm only sorry that it flew by so quickly, that I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone long enough. A bunch of the guests told us it was the best wedding they'd ever attended, and you can't ask for much more than that. I wish I could have invited everyone I know, but we tried to keep it on the small side.

Quick thoughts on event planning:

  1. Invite smart, fun people.
  2. Take care in choosing atmospherics (music, decorations, flowers, setting) that will put people in the right mood without them even realizing it.
  3. Add projects. Something whimsical and community building, like a craft activity table. Help people create their own experience
  4. Deputize talented people to put it together. Trust them.
  5. When the day arrives, trust in your preparation and focus on enjoying yourself. That's why you decided to host an event, right?

More on the wedding later: family, ceremony, vows. Here, our friend Jason put together a set of wedding photos to get you started.

Jenny and I now find ourselves in Bangkok, three days into what is already proving to be a pretty fucking rad honeymoon. Life here seems crazy alive. Everything is cheap. Everwhere we see bad English translations, cool graphic design, fruit stands, wild dogs. The air hangs thick and I'm wearing special travel underwear. We love each other.

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22 Aug 06 at 07:54AM (steve) said:

I shall leave no filth today...(my potty mouth was so ready to jump on the Bangkok honymoon).
Congratulations Ryan and Jenny! The pictures look great.


23 Aug 06 at 02:06PM Martha said:

Awesome, awesome. Congratulations to both of you. :)


23 Aug 06 at 05:19PM Andrew said:

One of the downsides to eloping is the lack of a LunaJump thing at the reception. (Although I probably could've arranged it had we thought ahead.)

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