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posted 29 Aug 2006, 11PM | 11 Comments

I could tell you more about our honeymoon-in-progress, eating good food, kayaking through ocean lagoons. But why bother, when the first paragraph of this email from my mom is so much more entertaining?

Hi Jenny and Ryan,

It was wonderful to hear from you and we are glad you are enjoying the honeymoon! Maybe you could acquire a few Thai recipes? Yummmmmm. In the meantime, watch out for those dogs--Rabies is a very serious, potentially fatal affliction. You must avoid getting near a possible dog bite at all costs--even if you have to scurry away to another part of the street. There are vast neurological ramifications of contact with a rabid dog.

To her credit, we have seen dogs everywhere. Bless that woman.

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29 Aug 06 at 02:54PM Virg said:

Nevermind the rabid dogs. Stay away from very skinny white American men with their pants pulled up to high claiming to know the truth about certain pageant contestants. Then you should cross the street.


29 Aug 06 at 06:23PM alison said:

remember that one time your mom said never put a cat on your kitchen table because you could get cat scratch fever? awesome.


30 Aug 06 at 04:30AM Jake said:

I have memories of the ever insightful nancy gantz lamenting the presence of Dakota. Perchance this one particular dog relationship has colored her view of dogs. among my favorite Ms. Gantz quotes is her stalking the property with cries of "doggie go home!"


30 Aug 06 at 07:45AM (steve) said:

Best Nancy story EVER...she was playing tennis and couldn't hit a single shot. Finally, after way too long into the game, she realized that she had no strings in her raquet. Woops!


30 Aug 06 at 10:49PM cheamp said:

You should mention that your mom is a full on nurse and not just an over protective mom.


31 Aug 06 at 07:20AM sixfoot6 said:

My mother isn't merely a crazy and over-protective mom, she's also a nurse practitioner.


31 Aug 06 at 10:49AM Virg said:

I remember the "clicky-clicky-clicky" thing she does by rubbing her nose while driving. yyeeeccchhhhh....


31 Aug 06 at 12:09PM liz said:'s so sweet though. glad you guys are having fun.


5 Sep 06 at 09:38PM jake said:

so is that clicking nose thing a genetic family thing. Jeremy does it and it freaks me out to no end. Could it perchance indicate that certain of the gantz family are immune to bird flu? If so I'll gladly drink your blood, actually, even if you aren't immune to bird flu ... I just need something new in my life to replace weed.


6 Sep 06 at 09:28AM (steve) said:

Get your doctor to prescribe you a variety of anti-anxiety meds and amphetimines. Get fucked up legally.


8 Sep 06 at 12:39PM Jake said:

yeah but then I'd be like Ned. And I'm pretty sure Ned wasn't happy. You don't know Ned, but if you did, you know what I mean.

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