Chat with Jenny, One Hour After My Return From the Donut Shop

posted 8 Jun 2006, 12PM | 2 Comments

Yes, we regularly use AIM when we're busy in separate rooms of the house. Ah, geek love.

sixfoot6000: OMG the donut i bought for jeremy already had a bite out of it
sixfoot6000: that's disgusting i'm calling dunkin donuts
photoboothjenny: uhh...
sixfoot6000: fucking gross
photoboothjenny: er...
photoboothjenny: wait
sixfoot6000: ...ringing...
photoboothjenny: no!
sixfoot6000: ringing... what?
photoboothjenny: ui did it!
photoboothjenny: i ded it
photoboothjenny: craP
sixfoot6000: wtf?
photoboothjenny: I DID IT
photoboothjenny: It was me!
sixfoot6000: what?
photoboothjenny: I ate the donut
sixfoot6000: oh oh
sixfoot6000: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT
photoboothjenny: I'm sorry
sixfoot6000: lol
sixfoot6000: hahaha
sixfoot6000: hahaha i tricked you, and you confessed! your shame is your just reward
sixfoot6000: the donut was for me all along! muahahahaa
photoboothjenny: oh?
photoboothjenny: well maybe i already knre that
sixfoot6000: maybe you need a typing class.
photoboothjenny: suck it.

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9 Jun 06 at 12:42AM Lisser said:

I give you 50 cents and you give me a donut. end of transaction.


9 Jun 06 at 04:15PM jenny said:

I can't commit to a whole donut. I need to only steal bites from someone elses (Ryans). Also, in this particular AIM conversation, I was typing with one hand and talking on the phone to my sister at the same time.

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