Capturing the Captchas

posted 15 Jun 2006, 11PM | 3 Comments

Communist terrorist corporate spam facist warmongers have been hammering my contact forms with completely pointless spam, so I've been forced to implement a neat PHP captcha script to force my visitors to jump through flaming hoops like tigers in a discount circus. Swing by my contact page and amuse myself by sending a message after studying and typing the multicolored letters flying around the random generated image. Such fun!

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19 Jun 06 at 10:57PM (steve) said:

Kind of off topic...but "terrorist" hit a nerve. As I type this I am listening to the Howard Stern Show recording from September 11th 2001. Man, this is heavy shit. Get a copy if you can...if you need one let me know and I'll send the Mp3. Fuck, that morning and the following five years have done some serious emotional damage.


22 Jun 06 at 01:05PM Jake said:

I would absolutely love to listen to that show. If there's any way through the magic of FTP I could get a listen I'd be most appreciative. My clearest memories of that day were all the Jersey people screaming for blood and my roomate playing a slow-mo replay loop montage of the planes hitting to "leaving on a jetplane" and "somewhere over the rainbow". But yeah, I'd be all about the howard.


15 Jul 06 at 06:36PM lobster said:

I just wanted to say that I've recently noticed and played with the "layout.fiddle.beta" and I think it's pretty cool.

But what if the functionality were changed so that, through the pressing of a button, you could shrink this entire site to a single dot -- a so-called singularity?

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