A Tasty Sammich.

posted 7 Jun 2006, 10PM | 1 Comments

Last month I went down to visit my friend Erik, who moved to the Providence area recently to be closer to work and further from home. It rained on that day (though not as hard as it's raining today) and we sat in his apartment, chatted about computers, strolled around the neighborhood, and took a drive to Thayer Street. As far as I could remember, I hadn't been there since 1994, back in the days of yearly Morphine shows at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel. I was with Jeff Dionne. Whatever happend to that guy?

During that visit in 1994, I had the best sandwich I've ever eaten. I rembered it as having been called "The Riggs." As I discovered when I unknowingly wandered into the same sandwich shop with Erik last month, it's actually called "The Juggs." And it's actually still awesome: hot turkey with bacon, cranberry, cheddar, and special sauce. So yummy.

But yummier than the actual sammich was a small realization: I've been subconsciously chasing that sandwich since 1994. It's flavored my taste in all sandwiches, everywhere. During my tenure as head chef at Southers Marsh, I added a special Cranberry Club to the menu, that golfers are stil munching on today. Everytime I throw bacon on turkey on rye, it turns out, I've been striving for Geoff's.


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7 Jun 06 at 12:00PM jp said:

turkey and brie sandwich at the market cross cafe in carlisle, pa. they used the thanksgiving style turkey and melted some really kick ass brie on top of a baguette toasted to perfection. i would get a pint of whatever local stout or porter hey had on top and voila, heaven. it was simple and perfect. did you and i ever sample one together during our months on west louther street?

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