Buzzing Like a Killer Bee

posted 10 May 2006, 10PM | 13 Comments

It's been a long time since I remember having so many exciting ideas bouncing around in my head all at the same time. Whether I'll able to act on many of them I'm not sure, but at 28 it feels like my brain is finally hitting its creative stride.

Here's a small pet-peeve of mine: people who don't use question marks at the end of questions when writing email. Does that bother you, too. Is the problem that they're in too much of a hurry. Doesn't it make people sound like they're not even listening to themselves. Mark my words: LACK OF QUESTION MARKS IS THE NEW ALL-CAPS.

Hey, in honor of these cloudy, rainy days, who wants a present? The first three people with valid email addresses who ask for it win a present. Don't bother if you're a super close friend of mine.

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10 May 06 at 11:19AM jonas said:

what if i told you to f*** off? (see use of question mark) would i then qualify as a more distant friend and get a present? thanks for clarifying.


10 May 06 at 12:06PM Steve said:

Do I qualify?


10 May 06 at 12:56PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

Jonas, thanks for kindly asking me to F-Off! Unfortunately, you are already a user of the present, and do not qualify.

Steve, who are you. Where is your valid email address. Do you see where I asked for an email address. How will I send you the present unless you at least contact me with your email address. Seriously what were you thinking.


10 May 06 at 01:06PM Jaime Macias said:

I too have the buzzzing ideas thing going on and it starting to get me down, too many ideas not enough time. I'm starting to feel like I can't get it all done. I'll go cry now.


10 May 06 at 02:10PM star said:

you may think we're friends (or maybe you don't), but trust me, we're not.

does that make sense. you know what i mean, right. are you going to give me a gift.


10 May 06 at 03:18PM Sandor said:

SInce Jaime technically didn't ask... May I have a present?



10 May 06 at 04:13PM Jaime Macias said:

I like gifts.


12 May 06 at 07:53AM Andy Collier said:

I want presents!


13 May 06 at 10:36AM jake said:

I would dearly like a present. It could be, in the words of Lou Reed "A Reason to keep living"?
How's that for a question mark.


13 May 06 at 03:53PM Mark said:

I don't see three valid email addresses on here yet. Am I a weiner?! Aww. Man. I never win ANYTHING. wants a damn present!


13 May 06 at 04:43PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

Excellent! The presents are closed.


14 May 06 at 07:41AM Ronnie said:

Ok, I am not a close friend of yours. What do I get?

"Mrs.L", please note the question mark?


15 May 06 at 08:03AM Mag said:

I suggest going to a nice natural place!

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