Bush on Immigration

posted 16 May 2006, 9PM | 4 Comments

I've gotta say, the President's Oval office speech on immigration actually made me feel proud to be an American again, for a few short moments. I'm not entirely convinced that sending National Guard to our southern border will accomplish much, but I was moved by Bush's plea for patience and rational thought, his reminders that we're all immigrants, and his proposal to give illegals a road to citizenship.

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16 May 06 at 10:33AM alison said:

really? i thought it was a total crock.


16 May 06 at 11:17AM jonas said:

using 6000 national guard troops to "secure" the border seems to be a callous use of resources when a huge portion is already stationed in iraq. plus, the border states will end up shouldering the financial burden. if bush was serious about this instead of fearing for his own approval ratings, he would admit that the only way to fix this problem would be to make employers pay a living wage to illegals with benefits and job protections. that would stem the flow and treat everyone more justly. anyway, i agree with allison...it was a crock.


16 May 06 at 01:50PM Nicole said:

Nearly 3,000 members of California's National Guard have already been deployed to Iraq. Now we're going to weaken what's left by sending them to patrol the border we share with Mexico? It'll be just peachy when that big earthquake, wildfire or massive mudslide hits us and there's no National Guard to help. This plan is bunk!

All this talk about immigration seems like a calculated distraction. Let's talk about gas, Mr. President. I can't afford to drive my car anymore. Let's talk about the environment, Mr. President. Hurricane season is just around the corner! Let's talk about spying on me and millions of other citizens without just cause, Mr. President.

Sorry for getting worked up. Being 9 months pregnant and seeing our country in such bad shape makes my blood pressure rise.


16 May 06 at 03:46PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

I tend to agree about the National Guard, but I'm also suprised that everyone is focusing on that portion of the debate.

And Jonas, you're right that treating everyone justly is a good policy... but wouldn't it totally throw off our economy to force employers to pay a living wage, assuming that would even be enforced?

I may not know what I'm talking about.

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