Spring Fun Club

posted 10 Apr 2006, 12PM | 3 Comments

So, spring's in the motherfucking air, and I'm determined to make the most of it. As such do I hereby announce the formation of the Plymouth Fun Club. I'm thinking we meet in downtown Plymouth on Sunday evenings and as needed to properly appreciate good friends and good whether.

Outdoorsy activities to be undertaken this spring and summer shall include:

  • Frisbee
  • Catch Phrase (awesome electronic group word game)
  • Croquet
  • GeoCaching (we did a great hike around Halfway Pond yesterday)
  • Picnics in the park
  • Kayaking on Billington Sea
  • Karaoke and drinking

We've also got some secret watersport projects. And with Joshua's new camper van, we should be prepared for a couple of camping trips. Suggestions for additional spring activities will be rewarded with alliterative admiration.

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10 Apr 06 at 03:55PM Awol said:

Um. By watersports are you admitting to your predilection for urolagnia?


10 Apr 06 at 05:42PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

Don't hide behind your fancy college words, Andrew. I like to get pissed on. We all knows it.


21 Apr 06 at 10:28AM lisaann said:

maybe andrew was slying offering? ...

the fun club sounds awesome. but you need to make croquet into 'croquet & cocktails'.

i miss you boys. do you ever come to nyc? come visit! we'll play croquet in central park!

-el dee

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