Moving to a new place.

posted 14 Apr 2006, 11PM | 2 Comments

As time passes you build a new past and future for yourself at your new home, this familiar world, most thoughts and regularly accessed memories exploring your current geography, not the previous, the latest favorite music embedding itself into your daily routines, those routines into the landscape, the landscape's sounds and light cycles into your emotions. Such a nice day outside, like when I was young.

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20 Apr 06 at 12:13AM cristinamarie said:

I wish I was able to move right now. Because if I could, I would. And I wouldn't think twice about it. I've come to realize that everything in my life is crappy. With my birthday around the corner, I hope things will improve. Like my job, my friends and my nonexistent "boyfriend". I don't have a boyfriend. Everyone I know is getting married and making babies.

I think I'm having a life crisis.


28 Apr 06 at 01:30PM Jake said:

True True. Living at home these last two years have really put me in touch with the best and worst parts of who I am. I spent two years running around the globe and the country collecting "experiences" and trying to find myself. Only when coming home and spending each day with the same us in the same place do we really discover what's constant. I know it seems counter-intuitive but that's where I'm at.

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