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Power of the Press: brother Jeremy's job as a reporter for the local paper (now attempting to blogify afforded us two tickets to see Blue Oyster Cult (note awful Flash intro) at Plymouth Memorial Hall (note weak schedule packed with half-assed acts).

merch table t shirt Memorial Hall: a large auditorium built in 1924, recently remodeled, that seats about 1,300 people. In high school it housed hardcore shows, the open mic poetry coffeehouses that my friends and I put together, and local high school graduations. Now it houses MOTHERFUCKING ROCK AND ROLL.

They rocked. Classically. The venue lights weren't very dim, and the vocals and guitar sounded a bit muffled. With More Cowbell t-shirts for sale and cheeky stage banter, ie: "There's something big coming this way... Could he be here, in PLYMOUTH, MASSA-CHUSETTS!" [Begin 20 minute version of Godzilla, complete with rather impressive 4 minute bass-solo intermission during which I really, really bobbed my head a lot.].

Lessons learned: 1) I really want to keep practicing drums. Time to cash in those Xmas gift drum lessons I was promised. 2) Middle-aged townies are not my demographic. And they don't move around very much. 3) Being able to laugh with my brother on a regular basis is a gift.

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29 Apr 06 at 09:28PM Jeremy Gantz said:

I too enjoy reading your blog. sincerely, your brother.


30 Apr 06 at 09:39PM Ryan said:

Thanks, brother. Thanks also for not using my blog as a place to promote your web hosting company.


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