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As a young man of privilege, I'm now enjoying me third vacation in the last 6 weeks. This ain't sustainable, but it's fun - this time around Joshua flew me down to Florida to pick up the 82' VW Westfalia camper that he bought from a guy. We've taking the long weekend to drive her back through the dirty dirty south.

Its got a diesel engine. The value of 30mpg can't be understated, but the fucking thing is SLOW. We were averaging 45mph through the Appalachians. Luckily, we're patient young men, and West Virginia is purty in the April sun.

Fantastic visiting Adam down in Charlotte. I had no idea how beautiful that city is. And growing fast - half of everything looked less that 5 years old. So many beautiful places to live that are actually affordable. [Thinks hard about where to live when married.] Suggestions?

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3 Apr 06 at 04:26PM cheamp said:

I think about that question a lot these days. I love San Francisco tremendously, but the cost of buying a home here is mindblowing. Really. People with incomes in the upper middle class by national standards have to buy by sharing (TIC) the cost with others and even then often paying off the interest only until the inevitable upturn in the price of the property and they can upgrade. Fucked. So the where to live question lingers. Where is: culture/nature/economy/nice weather. So far New Zealand seems best, but unfortunately I love my family and friends and I want to see them.


4 Apr 06 at 12:35PM Columbus Is It! said:

How does this sound for a place to live? The sophistication (and employment opportunities) of the rural South, but with West Coast-style urban compactness and traffic planning. An impressive local and state government--an authentic reproduction of the Gilded Age, complete with an actual Taft at the helm.

Pretty impressive, I know. But, you're asking, where is this place? Surely no place so wonderful could be real. Oh, but it is. It's Columbus! That's right, Columbus, Ohio: The Original Middle of Nowhere™ offers all this and much more. Just call our 800 number for more details.


4 Apr 06 at 02:24PM Dave Valente said:

Kentucky. There's something magic about that state.


5 Apr 06 at 06:26AM jnp said:

amsterdam. you get tons of family friendly policies like 6 months PATERNITY leave and pretty reasonable housing prices....and cheap weed.


7 Apr 06 at 01:07AM lobster said:

Jacksonville, FL is beautiful, has a wonderful climate, is relatively inexpensive to live in, and is far enough north that it runs little risk of getting hit by a hurricaine. It's a big city (with a good economy, so there are jobs), but not too big: about the size of Austin: a just-right size, in my opinion. I lived there for a couple of years and have often thought of moving back.

Austin, of course, is heaven.


21 Apr 06 at 04:52PM Martha said:

Boston! Or Venice. Because how totally awesome would it be to live in Venice? Take a barge to work!


24 Apr 06 at 10:31PM lobster said:

Martha! Venice is sinking!

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