To Austin and Bubble Back

posted 16 Mar 2006, 1PM | 12 Comments

Another SXSW in Austin come and gone. Thus far the withdrawal isn't as harsh as in previous years; probably because Jenny came with this year and we travelled home together. Or because the money is back and everyone's Web 2.0 crazy, and none of the panels really rocked my world. Or maybe because new photos keeping pouring into lego playpen so I feel like I'm still there.

You know what it is? Part of me feels like too many people, parties and projects watered down the simple adult-summercamp vibe that I've been in love with for 6 years. Not quite enough inspiring conversations about stuff I never thought about before. I felt closer than ever to friends I'd made in previous years, but it all didn't feel FRESH enough. I'm addicted to freshness.

I'm also probably dehydrated, so take all of this with a drop of water. I think I'm going to freshen things up around here.

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16 Mar 06 at 04:47PM Matthew Wollman said:

That's a shame. I have always wanted to go to SXSW but never had the time or the money. Maybe it will be better next year.


16 Mar 06 at 04:55PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

It wasn't bad this year, at all. I'm just spoiled, I think.


17 Mar 06 at 08:48AM rusty said:

It's probably because I wasn't there.


17 Mar 06 at 11:00AM alison said:

i did tell about six people that i wished rusty had been there. he may in fact be right.


17 Mar 06 at 11:34AM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

Honestly. Too many people but not enough Rusty. And after reading a few blogs for a while, it looks like I may have just had bad luck with some of the panels I chose. Next year I clone myself and go to EVERYTHING.


17 Mar 06 at 07:58PM alison said:

it was a house...of gantzes.


18 Mar 06 at 01:17AM Andrew said:

I had an incredibly full trip, but I kind of agree: there wasn't enough time for pure visiting. We were on the go a bit too much, not in one place enough.

Although Apples to Apples was nice.


21 Mar 06 at 06:15PM lobster said:

Ryan, are you working on that novel?

Are you thinking about butterflies?


21 Mar 06 at 06:29PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

Wrong on both accounts, Lob. But I do have a couple of neat projects in the works, soon to see the light of day.


23 Mar 06 at 12:13AM lobster said:

What kind of projects, Ryan? Can I contribute or help?


26 Mar 06 at 11:49AM David said:

it's been over a year since i commented your site, Ryan. i miss reading your site. though it's only one of a couple blogs i'd read or comment, (i'm quite selective what blogs i respond to posts at) i somehow got overwhelmed with goings-on so that your blog inexplicably got lost in the mix. but it by no means speaks of boredom or disinterest in your blog. take this as a compliment.

even when i did comment your site, as much as i enjoyed it, was sparse. i don't know why this is. i read your last several posts since January and i will now recap musing responses to each.

i'm into the SO MANY YEARS BEFORE THAT preoccupation as well. one of my friends is also which keeps us both in frequent dialogue about each others' examples through time even though he lives in another city now. at times it becomes a circle of rememberances and regrets of years gone and lost, to the point of a headache. you, me and more than just one of my friends had the 10 year remembering Kurt Cobain mental lightening bolt experience. we had eclipsing personal milestones occurring simultaneously to that day in 1994 that shook us yet further.

Jan. 30 - Old Skool Memestyle
we have the delightful shared experience of having worked as dishwashers at a seafood restaurant and as head cooks at a kitchen.

Pet Cemetary mailperson? too many questions to know where to begin. we'll move on. personal asst to neurotic millionaire? atleast it wasn't a psychotic millionaire.

March 07 - Olympics And Oscar
wait. there was coverage of the Winter Olympics? i don't recall much. i remember hightlights of a couple least interesting events by athletes that were the absurdly over-enthusiastic about their events. and repititious, trite obsessions by whiny athletes about disappointments. were there other self-congradulators and whiners i missed?

the only reason i chose to comment after all this time is after i read To Austin And Bubble Back.
it made me think that since you miss the freshness, that you might miss meeting new people at SXSW as well. these new people lead to inspiring conversations with new friends you met only once and hope to see next year so you can make friends permanently.


28 Mar 06 at 02:25PM Shaun said:

You just missed Rusty. And me.

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