Olympics and Oscar

posted 7 Mar 2006, 6PM | 7 Comments

I was in Switzerland during much of the Olympics, so I didn't get to see much, though the Swiss coverage was pretty good. (I could watch curlng in ANY language. Here's a good Nation article on why NBC olympic coverage sucked.)

This year I realized that I'm older than most Olympic atheletes. Some seem young and foolish to me, like they're training too damn hard or yucking it up for the camera. But sometimes physical skill is breathtaking. It's another in a long list of reminders that at 28 years old I've accomplished essentially nothing. (See also Pet Sounds, per Brian Wilson @ age 21.) I'm a tall and cranky old man.

On Sunday while watching the Academy Awards it occured to me that I'm also older than most hot young Hollywood actors and actresses. It must be interesting to be a Marlon Brando, Judi Dench or Clint Eastwood type, watching new kids win awards for their young roles.

Also: Stewart did pretty well. George Clooney is my hero. Michelle Williams is lovely. And sometimes Ben Stiller can still pull off his Ben Stiller character.

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7 Mar 06 at 09:00PM lobster said:

Hi. I have two thoughts. First, related to your ostensibly having accomplished nothing in 28 years: Have you ever watched the movie "Slacker"? It's like the ultimate ode to accomplishing nothing; plus, it was filmed in the neighborhood around the campus in Austin, an area I think you've been to (and an area I've been to, too, my having gone to UT).

Secondly -- and unrelated to anything in particular -- would you consider adding some butterflies to this site? I've looked high and low, but I can't find any here; only hummingbirds.


7 Mar 06 at 09:52PM margaret said:

I think every man would like to be George Clooney. Some may say they don't, but if a fairy godmother showed up and offered it to them for real they'd say yes in like, a second. I mean I'm a girl and I wish I was George Clooney a little bit.


8 Mar 06 at 04:56PM Nicole said:

Accomplished NOTHING? Uh...I'm going to have to call bullshit on you for that one. "Nothing" would be if you had only worked at the Christmas Tree Shop since High School. How many places have you traveled to? How many websites have you designed for causes great & small? Aren't you getting married? (And let's not forget--you performed at the very first Festival of Himmelsk.)


8 Mar 06 at 09:50PM lobster said:

And neither should we forget, following Nicole's line of thought, the degree from BU, or all the design skills you've assimilated.

But, if you *really* do want to become a non-slacker, may I suggest you write a novel laced with your own particular brand of well-developed humor (in addition to adding some butterflies to this site)?


8 Mar 06 at 09:56PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

See, I think Lobster hit the nail on the head. If I don't record my seminal hip-hop record or write a novel within the next year or two, there's going to be trouble. April seems like a perfectly good month for that sort of thing, eh?


10 Mar 06 at 09:06AM Sean said:

While Judi Dench or Clint Eastwood may wax poetic on winning awards for young roles, they are probably grateful that they are still alive - unlike the poor Mr. Brando who passed away in 2004.


20 Apr 06 at 12:16AM cristinamarie said:

What made the Olympics so not exciting was somehow hearing about whom won in what sport, etc via random sources. It was eveywhere. In unexpected places. I hated it. Because people would comment about the Olympics and talk about it as if they watched it live, but nothing really was from the get-go. They were boring. Only if they weren't the Olympics maybe I'd be more interested in watching it next year. Or whenever it is.

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