Interactive Playpen @ SXSW and additional fidgeting

posted 2 Mar 2006, 1PM | 1 Comments

With soft snowflakes falling beyond yonder window I'm patiently pushing projects out into the world. Yesterday I implemented some cool scriptaculous DHTML stuff, and we'll see where it leads. Try out the box nav in the top right corner of my front page. I could click that stuff for hours. And I finally updated the "created" section of the promo area above. A Christmas miracle.

With help from Sooz, I recently launched a website for Interactive Playpen @SXSW. Our idea: fill a booth with Legos and other modular toys, add a bunch of clever adult geek types and see what happens. Can you help donate a few bucks so we can make sure to have enough fun to go around? It should be a great ice-breaker for the conference.

Back to work. Man, I need to eat something.

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30 Mar 06 at 11:12AM Rothko said:

Thanks for the link to the scriptaculous site. That stuff is very cool (and pretty easy to implement). I'm going to try to use it on some of my sites, where it makes sense.

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