To Europe and Back

posted 28 Feb 2006, 10PM | 2 Comments

Another month slips off into the ether. I've been on an interesting cycle for the past few months: periods of intense work followed by chunks of relaxing vacation.

I'm not sure if this is a sustainable pattern, but it's really fun. There's always something HAPPENING. Sometimes my work manages to spill over into my vacation, but I absolutely love my job and wouldn't have it any other way. When freelancing works, I feel truly free. To lance. Anyway, I have a bunch of projects in the pipe, many of which I'll be exposing soon.

My 10 day vacation in Switzerland was absolutely fantastic. I'll explain why later. And I'll soon add more pics to the Der Schweiz 2006 photoset.

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1 Mar 06 at 11:17PM Adam said:

I was never much for the separation of work and fun. And honestly, in the future, might the weekend disappear in favor of an entire week of light, easy work?

I'll be right in line for that.


2 Mar 06 at 01:36PM sixfoot6 Author Profile Page said:

Ah, weekends are always dissappearing in favor of light, easy work. And I too, generally like it that way.

Sometimes when I'm in self-directed freelance mode I miss steady day jobs. But when ahve a steady day job I always miss self-directed openness.

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