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posted 19 Oct 2005, 7PM | 6 Comments

As if the pure joy of raking leaves in the autumn sun isn't enough to keep me loving Plymouth life, I discovered another sweet benefit this morning while I was alarm surfing in bed. NEIGHBORS. Erik swung by before work and rallied my ass to join him for a jaunt to Kiskadee Coffee. Exactly what I needed to start the day off right. And in a few minutes I'm going to mow the shit out of the front yard.

A warm internet welcome for Miles Secord Mislang, my nephew-to-be weighing in last night at a happy and healthy 6lbs 5oz. "It's like he teleported into the room," Jenny said.

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19 Oct 05 at 11:52PM sixfoot6 said:

I am leaving a comment for myself.


20 Oct 05 at 02:24AM jenny said:

now I am leaving a comment for you as well. Comments are nice. They make you completely aware that people are actually reading your site. Someday I hope to have tons. Oh what fun it will be!!! haazzah!


20 Oct 05 at 05:33PM molly said:

i've been reading your site for a while and it is so weird to think that we now live in the same town and go to the same coffee house.


22 Oct 05 at 10:42PM TheRedeemer said:

Sixfoot6, for all your monkey video needs


25 Oct 05 at 01:14AM jenny said:

monkey pee, is gross... seriously.


27 Oct 05 at 08:18PM Chicagobaby said:

Ryan - your Santa Barbara Mom misses you! I had a new patient in my office yesterday that reminded me of you - so I started missing your presence.
(patient is doing well-how are you?)

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