Homecoming of A Great Sort

posted 23 Aug 2005, 9PM | 3 Comments

So, the road trip blog started late and ended early, but at least the flickr photos were mostly up to date. I've got more to say and we've got more photos to share, but for now I'm getting settled and relaxing with family and friends. The weather has been great and the party was awesome. Cheers.

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25 Aug 05 at 11:04AM Scott said:

I'd dearly love to get a drink with you sometime, now you're back on this coast. There are years and years to catch up on.


27 Aug 05 at 07:52AM Jake said:

Seeing your buttocks palpatate reminded me of why I fell in love with academia. Having you back is like removing a feeding tube, after the adjustment period things are ducky. Word.


27 Aug 05 at 03:25PM Bobo said:

you gotta be dry humpin me, i wish somebody woulda called me to tell me you're back man!

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