Day 7: Early Morning Blog-a-Thon

posted 4 Aug 2005, 1PM | 2 Comments

Missoula, Montana looks more like Los Angeles than any other crappy strip mall town we've yet happened upon during our travails across these great United States (isn't that kind of a dumb, technical name for the country?) The air is cool and the mountains greener, but the main streets are blighted with the same STAPLES, Subway, Home Depot, motel and restaurant chains that now corrupt and homogenize every town on this god-forsaken hemisphere, thanks to the suburban wasteland first developed in Orange County. If there's a soulful pre-1997 village in Missoula somehwere, we haven't found it yet.

late nite blog-a-thonWe've encountered it elsewhere, though. Finally managed to launch this road trip weblog, a full week into the three week trip, but no matter. Writing about vacationing isn't as fun as vacationing... and revising and implementing a blog design in the passenger seat during the vacation drive so that writing is possible isn't as much fun as writing about vacationing.

Anyway, now that it's launched I'm going to try and backlog highlights from the trip thus far. It's amazing how quick you can roll across the country when you drive a 13 hour day, yet every hour reveals a different American landscape. Ramshackle towns and haunted homesteads.

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4 Aug 05 at 09:11AM kelly said:

anywhere that can be described as "ramshackle" can't be all bad.

i dig the new design.


4 Aug 05 at 09:49AM sandor weisz said:

We've gone a number of road trips this summer, to small towns, and every time it's a struggle to have to suffer through the chain store/strip mall scene while finding our way to the soulful center. I get anxious and sad everytime I have to do it, and it wouldn't be too hyperbolistic to say a little piece of me dies every time.

Your description of designing and blogging whilst road tripping brings me back. I was in the same position during a baseball road trip I did with my friend Luke in '01. It's hard sometimes, but we knew there was an audience on the other side enjoying our work.

Keep it up. Hopefully we'll be able to meet up when you swing through Chicago.

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