Day 10: Yellowstone Dark

posted 8 Aug 2005, 8PM | 3 Comments

[By Jenny] After cooking a fantastic dinner at our Yellowstone campsite, we watched six feet under at our picnic table, the monitor flanked by pink candles affixed to the top of recently emptied beer bottles contributed to the atmosphere. As families hurried past our site to get to the bathroom, I wondered if they glanced at our glowing screen and knew what we were watching. Depending on who was in the shot, I tried to imagine if the character was identifiable to the series or not. Would someone want to stop and watch with us? Were they annoyed that we brought such decadent technology into nature?

About an hour later, Ryan and I were drifting off to sleep in our warm tent, as I wondered if the bear-proof trash cans would prove useful. Would there be animals tromping through our site tonight? Would they wake me up? What exactly does a snorting bear sound like? While half asleep, I heard something. I asked Ryan, “Did you hear that?” It sounded like a far-ranging buffalo galloping through the outskirts of our camp. Dazed, Ryan replied, “ Hear what? No… I don’t think so.” When it happened again we figured out that it was just Ryan’s stomach. (There were a lot of beans in the stew we made for dinner that night.) Impressive.

Sometime later that night we both awoke to the sound of cries in the distance. We were listening to what sounded like a huge pack of wolves howling in the night. It was an amazingly loud howling session, complete with the buildup of cackling cries, overlapping into the night. The distances varied, some cries faint, while others had to be coming from the hills we were camping beneath. Enchanted, I asked Ryan “What do you think they are saying to each other?”

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9 Aug 05 at 09:25PM Chicagobaby said:

about the wolfe discussion in the was a mother wolfe missing her she-cub (who, by the way, is traveling
"crosscountry") and naturally, making herself heard.


10 Aug 05 at 08:19PM Chicagobaby said:

Jen - did you know your Grandma was born in Euerka Nebraska - it is a ghost town now...


14 Aug 05 at 11:38PM lobster said:

i love yellowstone. one of my favorite places in the world. i worked and lived there in canyon village during the summer of 1994.

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