This Is a Long Drive

posted 6 Jul 2005, 1PM | 7 Comments

Here's a map of our intended easterly driving route, plotted using the Google Maps Pedometer. Our Honda Element is looking at about 5000 miles worth of cross-country zig-zagging. Does anyone have any suggestions for underrated sights to check out along the way, or for small detours from this route that you think would be worthwhile?

I'm also trying to come up with a good way to blog/photoblog the trip during the journey, a la my 2002 westbound Sixfoot6000km road journal. Web site + driving + laptop + cell phone + camera + plenty of time in the passenger seat should really add up to something. SOMETHING GOOD.

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7 Jul 05 at 07:53PM kelly said:

you're missing out by skipping utah. unless you've been there. arches, the hoodoos in bryce canyon, cayonlands, um. anyway, good stuff there.


8 Jul 05 at 10:12AM Lerren said:

i heartily reccommend the crazy horse monument - probably the most amazing thing i saw along that route.


8 Jul 05 at 06:34PM Leonard said:

Good call on avoiding West Virginia.

For blogging, I'd look into picking up a cheap GPS doing some geoblogging.

Basically, post everything to Flickr and then link up w/ the neat tools and place into a template using either Flickr's RSS or extraction via the Flickr API.


8 Jul 05 at 08:59PM rusty said:

Drive through Idaho fast. Put the hammer down and don't stop until you get to Wyoming. And then don't stop too much there either.

Also, things you may or may not want to factor in:

* We found Nebraska to be very underrated. I had the best hamburger of my life in Nebraska. It was perhaps the first time I ever found out what beef actually tastes like. It's very tasty. And Nebraska is a lot prettier than you'd think.

* We also found West Virginia to be underrated. Don't let the stereotypes scare you off. West Virginians are really excellent hosts.

And if you listen to no other piece of advice, please listen to this one! Get the book "Road Trip USA" ( and pay attention to it. It will unerringly steer you towards the best of American roadside oddities.

Also, try to stay off the four-lane interstates. Two-laners are the way to go.

Man, I wish I was going.


11 Jul 05 at 06:06AM Shaun said:

Western Maryland, however, is everything you've heard about WV and more. Good job avoiding that.

The Badlands is some of the best landscape I've ever seen. You might want to detour slightly south while you're in SD.

And Devils Tower, man. How are you going so close to Devils Tower and not stopping there? Think how much potattoes!

Our national parks are the last bastions of America's vibrant natural landscape. Take advantage of them while you can, Skippy. I think they have T-shirts.


31 Jul 05 at 01:30PM lint said:

Make the effort, make a road log like Sixfoot6000km.
I'm looking forward to it here from Amsterdam.


3 Aug 05 at 08:57AM saul said:

Corn Palace, South Dakota.

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