Tuesday: A Day of Heavy Linking

posted 29 Jun 2005, 10PM | 5 Comments

In the wake of a busy day of Waxy.org Links, my friend Andy wondered why he tends to post more links on Tuesdays than he does on other days of the week. I can think of a few simple reasons for this.

Though Andy's office environment may be somewhat different from mine (I wear jeans to my job; he wears uncomfortable wool slacks to his) I'll bet our workweeks have similar flow and routine. I come to work on Monday refreshed from the weekend with an earnest desire to be productive. I tie up loose ends from the previous week, refamiliarize myself with my current projects, chat with people about the weekend, and pretend to get a good start on something or other. I'm legitimately engaged with my work. I keep my surfing and feed-reading to a minimum, because I'm Determined to Work Hard and do a God Job.

At the same time, stuff is happening all over the web. The business world starts a new week, new products are being announced. New press releases and articles are published. Bloggers everywhere get around to writing about Saturday's perfect cheese sandwich. Most importantly, the web is percolating with links to Friday-afternoon rants, silly memes, Sunday Op-Ed peices and weekend photos, slowly working their way through email forwards and blog filters.

So it is on Tuesday morning, when my Determination has completely worn off and I know longer care about this so-called Good Job, that The Perfect Linkstorm develops. With a long week ahead, the pressure's off, so blog consumption and websurfing skyrockets just as the cream of the link crop bubbles its way to the top, filling my soon-to-be sore eyes with all of the weekend nonsense and Monday news that I missed the day before. And I post a lot of links.

On Wednesday morning, I arrive at work drunk and confused. The day is a blur. On Thursday I wake up at work around 5am, wearing yesterday's clothes, now stained with pizza and blood. My legs are oddly sore. I spend the day dodging my boss, drinking generic DayQuil and playing Quake 3 Arena with my work "buddies", if you want to call them that. Friday I call in sick, watch soaps, and have a good hard cry.

Then I need the weekend to recover, during which time I usually don't have the strength or coordination to properly grip a mouse. Not much blogging then. Monday I arrive at work refreshed, and the process cycles anew. And just like Andy, I find that Tuesday is a day of heavy linking. I imagine we have the same experience.

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29 Jun 05 at 12:36PM Kate said:

I love your linking, sixie.

That Nasa spider study has convinced me to give up caffeine (again) and now I'm rethinking my grand plan to live off my own farm since agriculture is mankind's worst mistake.

Plus I can avoid so much WORK with just a quick visit here. And let me tell you, that's something worth loving!


29 Jun 05 at 12:51PM Ryan said:

Glad that my links disctract you from your own work. If I can push one friend that much closer to unemployment, I've done enough.

I do think, though, that the caffeine study is a little suspicious. I'm not sure I believe it.

Also, please call me by my full Christian name, Sixtopher. Now that I'm engaged it's time be a responsible adult who people take seriously!


30 Jun 05 at 09:15AM Kate said:

I think I'll call you sixie until you've had kids. And then I might have to call one of them Lil' Sixie.

I found this regarding that spider study Department of Fish & Game, September 22, 2003 Lake Davis Steering Committee meeting

"NASA spider web study: Ivan received an email from NASA regarding the study which Fran had seen depicting spider webs after spiders had been exposed to various chemicals. The study had actually been done in the 1960ís and was not done by NASA. The current work involved high school students digitizing the webs to determine if there was any correlation between web patterns and chemicals. NASA is not involved in the work."

Just call me Gullible Fran...


1 Jul 05 at 09:33AM Nat said:

New cds and dvds hit the shelves, iTunes updates and Pitchfork poo-poos a handful of new albums.

Perhaps you should hold all of your links until Tuesday morning.


4 Jul 05 at 11:46AM fin said:

pizza and blood? bad combination!

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