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In May of 2003, while I was living with Andrew and Joshua in Sherman Oaks and keeping myself busy with web design projects, I sent a message to a girl on Friendster. The girl had dark hair, good taste in music and media (to me, anyway - The Muppets, Twin Peaks, and Interpol), a fondness for photobooths and a whimsical profile. In my message I tried to charm her with phrases like, "I made two cups of tea this morning" and "I would like to ask you out on a date." Much to my delight, she wrote me back.

ryan.jenny.boothpicsAfter a few days of messaging, Jenny and I spoke on the phone. We made each other laugh. I told her that she "sounded tall", and she told me that I was right. (Tall people sound different, I explained.) There was a full moon out during our first date; we went to The Standard Hotel in downtown L.A. to take new photobooth shots for her collection. We giggled and went to Swingers on Beverly Blvd for food. Jenny ordered an ostrich burger, and I ordered apple pie. We kissed in the back of her gold Honda Civic coupe. It was a little cramped.

Flash forward two years: we're laying in bed together, here in this nice apartment that we share, talking about the future. I looked over at her and smiled, thinking about how lucky I am to have found someone so smart, beautiful, creative and hilarious. And without any pre-planned grandiose drama, I removed the thin aluminum keychain ring that I wear on my pinky finger, held it out to her, looked into her eyes, and asked Jenny to marry me.

I asked, and she said yes!

The Engagement TurtleYou can't see the size of the smile on my face, but it's pretty freakin' huge. Everything is new and exciting. Yesterday we went out and bought her a proper engagement ring - something a little fancier than aluminum. We haven't set a date yet, and for now we're focused on our immediate next step: Jenny and I are saying goodbye to Cali and moving back to my hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts for a while. During the first three weeks of August we'll be driving our new Honda Element through San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Yellowstone, Rapid City, Omaha, Chicago, Raleigh, D.C., and New York City on our way to the northeast. We've been planning this for a while, and we'd love to see you along the way, so holla!

Jenny tells her sister about our engagementAnd, uh, in conclusion: big thanks to the internets, to Friendster, to Joel (our mutual Friendster contact without whom we never would have met), to the makers of aluminum keychain rings, to Interpol, The Muppets, David Lynch, Honda, and to all of our loving friends and family. Most of all, thank you to Jenny, who has made me the luckiest guy on earth. I am completely in love with you, darling, and I can't wait to see what our future brings.

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12 Jun 05 at 05:57PM ACJ said:

Wow, amazing to see an "internet date" work out so well. Congrats, guys, I wish you the best of luck!


12 Jun 05 at 07:38PM j. said:

congratulations, may you guys have a life full of love and happiness. (i promise al green was not playing as i wrote this.)


12 Jun 05 at 07:43PM TheBrad said:

Hurrah! Congrats!


12 Jun 05 at 08:32PM Sandor said:

This is the awesomeness. Congrats to the both of you.

Stop by and say hey while you're in Chicago. When will you be coming through?


12 Jun 05 at 08:53PM Anil Dash said:

That kicks ass. Maybe you and me can go dress shopping together when you're in SF.


12 Jun 05 at 09:13PM Dave said:

I can only hope that someday I will find someone who shares my love for the Korean Music Video Countdown, or at the very least, MegaMatch on Telemundo.

Congrats again, you two.


13 Jun 05 at 12:55AM lobsterzilla said:



13 Jun 05 at 05:41AM Scott said:

Congratulations! It's been ages since I've seen you, but I'd love to buy you a beer once you reach MA.


13 Jun 05 at 06:31AM animoller said:

Aww! So sweet!


13 Jun 05 at 07:11AM mmmmark said:

Hey. Great news! Congratulations to you both. Although I'm a bit bummed that I have two less reasons to visit Cali. But, hey, two more reasons to visit Mass. Yippee!


13 Jun 05 at 07:17AM Amanda said:

I'd love to meet up with you hit DC.

...and people actually meet via Friendster. Awesome.


13 Jun 05 at 09:23AM Shaun said:

One more victory for aluminum.

Also, assuming you are going from Chicago directly to Raleigh, a side trip to scenic Columbus, OH would add less than an hour near the middle of your trip, according to Google Maps.


13 Jun 05 at 09:44AM Matt said:

Congrats to you both!


13 Jun 05 at 10:23AM EricaLucci said:

Congratulations! Your happiness makes me happy!


13 Jun 05 at 11:15AM David said:

[this is good]


13 Jun 05 at 12:10PM Awol said:

It's just like I said in that copse of trees on the Souther's March golf course, lo those many months ago: "Just come out to LA for a month or two, see how you like it... it's not the rest of your life or anything."

Boy, was I wrong!


13 Jun 05 at 01:32PM Andrew said:

Congratulations, Ryan and Jenny!


13 Jun 05 at 02:52PM Andre Torrez said:

Congratulations to you both.


13 Jun 05 at 03:08PM rabi said:

aw! congratulations. muppets always lead to something good.


13 Jun 05 at 04:05PM J. Dunn said:

Huzzah! Congrats you guys! (I wondered when you were going to tell the internets about this.)

Have a great trip(a fitting beginning to a great life together) and I'll see you in August.


13 Jun 05 at 06:07PM lisaann said:

yay! so happy for you two! xoxo


13 Jun 05 at 10:18PM Laura said:

Ohhh, what a great day to stop by here! CONGRATS! You guys are SO adorable. I am sure you will be very happy. :) 4.5 years in, I can tell you being hitched is good... Say Hi to Plymouth for me! Have a safe trip!


14 Jun 05 at 01:25AM Ultranon said:



14 Jun 05 at 07:38AM Martha said:

Yay, congratulations to both of you!


14 Jun 05 at 08:06PM todd said: fucker; seriously congratulations bro'....considering my odd role as the quasi-catalyst for this site, along with my status as a lowly school teacher in our nation's capital w/o internet access, I've maybe visited your site 4 times (generous estimate) in the time since you destroyed my marks the first day i've looked back at the 'Chronicles of Omnia' since you guys killed my car online; had me rolling, dude; but seriously, I was thinking about you (and Jenny, of course) and wanted give a shout out from San Diego and tell you i love you and am damn fuckin happy for you
p.s. obviously, drop a line if you cruise though D.C.; my place is yours...for a nominal fee, of course


16 Jun 05 at 07:18AM Matthew said:

Congratulations, you guys! You two were made for each other. I can't wait to see home in Plymouth!


16 Jun 05 at 02:48PM Erin said:

Well done, you guys. You two'll have a real hoot I'm sure. Oh hey and welcome (in advance) back to the East Coast... it's my personal favorite.


17 Jun 05 at 01:44PM Dave said:

Congratulations! It's awesome when you know you found the one. If you're looking for something to do in DC, it would be cool to meet you guys.


18 Jun 05 at 12:16PM Rebecca said:

Mr Gantz --I am a friend of Mr Gantz Junior (aka Jeremy) here in Sri Lanka. We were exchange students together and now FB grantees too. Also I'm from Cambridge and know Rabi (Wockerjabby) from childhood and Swarthmore. Small world...

Anyway, been reading 6f6 a little while, and found out about your engagement on flickr via Rabi's contacts. Yay internets. So congrats, and I bet I'll meet you somedayish.

ps - I do research on people getting married, here in SL, so consider yourself part of a fascinating group of lunatics (my professional opinion).


18 Jun 05 at 10:01PM yezbick said:

beautiful. simply beautiful.


22 Jun 05 at 05:32AM jason savvy said:

she told me very early on that you were one of the good ones.


22 Jun 05 at 02:38PM Dan said:

Congrats! I am getting married in less than two weeks and it is beyond awesome. I also was kicked out of the standard for diving onto one of the waterbed/chairs and puncturing is with my belt buckle - water sprayed everywhere!


28 Jun 05 at 10:06AM Britt said:



30 Jun 05 at 10:54AM mariah said:

wow. much love to my oldest internet friend. best wishes and ill be really mad if you don't give me a holler when youre in ny.


6 Jul 05 at 02:39PM Konstantinos said:




13 Jul 05 at 10:06AM Kevin Davis said:

Congratulations MAN!!! Be sure to check in with Erik and the Davi' when you get back!!


12 Oct 05 at 09:14PM Bobo said:

once again i am in the dark, man it seems like only yesterday that you were making those picture frames for the lovely lady, congratulations!!


4 Nov 05 at 01:08AM David the Punk Scottish said:

OMFG! unreal!
with bad shit happening lately, Nostradamus' immortality has been revisited quite alot of late.
usual attempts to see events as possible Nostradamus visions .. yada .. yada ..

i thrive on grand fortune falling in the laps of people who deserve it. especially amidst horror happening everyday. you two are an inspiration. especially you, Ryan.

i don't see anything in Nostradamus' "Centuries" about Ryan Gantz + Jenny's partnering being a portent for bad things to come.

the way is clear for you two. the path has been blessed and made safe. go! my whitey birds! and fly, fly!

fly away to be free together on the wings of passion!

was that a little over dramatic and cheesy? maybe not because the more passion the better!!!!!!

i refuse to say congratulations. it's such a cliche. had to be original. i give pause to what would be meaningful rather than just the "C" word.

how about Ben Fold's Five to annoint your future bliss?

"Hava Nagilah! Hava Nagilah! Hava Nagilah! Vey vish vei-Ha'!
Hava narum nei mah. Hava narum nei mah.
Hava narum nei mah. Vey vish vei-Ha'!

Hoo-hoo! Hoo-hoo! Ah! Keem!
Hooorah keem, avissah meyah!
Hooorah keem, avissah meyah!
Hooorah keem, avissah meyah!
Hooorah keem, avissah meyah!
Hooorah keem! Hooorah keem!
-------avissah meyaaaaaaaaaah!"

masal tov, masal tov, masal tov!!

Ryan, you know about shaking it up, spontaneity & unpredictability.
Predictability can be sweet, comfortably dependable and adorable in certain contexts.
don't let it be forgotten -- alot of times predictability = BORING! you know this but i'm reminding you.

you're spontaneous & unpredictable but up the ante a wee bit higher. maybe you already have.

don't rush, go slow, without pressure to do everything perfect.
do not let parents or family bug the shit of you two with arrangements, tedious tasks and nit picky details. be flexible about your schedule, etc. it's your time, not your families'.
resist their controlling the situation til it drives the two of you up the fucking wall. prepare for this contingency.
ceremony details are minutia. the ceremony going naturally in a carefree relaxed way is the priority & assures a pleasant experience. savor the future and suck the marrow out of life!

health, wealth and .. i forgot the third thing.
health, wealth and ?? ..alot of passionate sex, always . . . . . . . . . .

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