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posted 10 May 2005, 2PM | 5 Comments

With my comedy show coming and going (catch Mighty McPilgrim tonight and on May 17th in Hollywood!) I'm looking forward to giving more attention to old sixfoot6.com in the next few weeks.

But first it's home to Massachusetts on the 20th for a (gasps) 10 year high school reunion, where I'll get to see some friends from yesteryear. TEN YEARS! That's a long time for such a skinny boy. I've been trying to come up with some insightful questions to ask myself, looking back at who I was, who I'm becoming—purely for personal curiosity, not to present as Powerpoint slides at my quasi-reunion. Questions like Have you accomplished all the things you thought you'd accomplish by 27? or What advice would I give my 17 year old self? or What was the best thing about high school?

If anyone can suggest better questions, I'll answer them.

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12 May 05 at 02:29PM Andrew said:

Who are you most looking forward to seeing, and why?

At my 10 year, I saw a couple people I really wanted to catch up with, and far more about whom I didn't care at all.


16 May 05 at 09:49AM Jake said:

I've got me two questions that I seem to always be asking myself. How would my 17 year old self see me and the comprimises I've made? and Who in your high school class do you feel you misunderstood the most / have you gained a greater understanding of or respect for their world-view? And a question every FA alum should ask themselves. When will Mrs. Twitchell finally deliver that baby she's been carrying around these many years? You should give a call when you're back in town. 508-524-6574. Are you going to the buxton's bye-bye party on the 21st?


17 May 05 at 08:58AM EricaLucci said:

Who do you like more, your 17 year old self or the 27 year old? Why?

What was the worst thing about high school?

Who did you love 10 years ago? Who do you love now?

Did you care what your friends in high school thought about you? Do you care what those same people think now?

What do you think people remember about you from high school? What do you want them to remember about you after the reunion?


19 May 05 at 02:49PM Sprinkles said:

Why didn't I go into school with automatic weapons and pipe bombs to unleash my fury?

Why did I instead bottle up all of this hatred and rage?

Why couldn't I get soda from the vending machine until after 3pm?


19 May 05 at 04:30PM Ryan said:

These are all good questions. I hop a flight tonight at 10:30 PM PST, so I'd better tackle these now to give myself some food for thought.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing, and why?

I went to a very small private highschool, so there are very few people in my graduating class (of 22) that I didn't know pretty well. I'm most looking forward to seeing the people who I haven't seen AT ALL since graduation - Caroline, Jessica and Harrington. I'm really curious to see how people have changed over a full 10 years.

How would my 17 year old self seem me and the compromises I've made?

That's a really good question, Jake. And a pretty damn hard one. I'm having trouble coming up with compromises I've made, which might be a problem right there. At 17 I was self-aware enough to know that I didn't know eeverything, and self-confident enough to assume that I would only get smarter and more self-aware and self-confident over the years. Ahem. So I think my 17-year-old self would assume that my 27-year old self knew better and had made the smartest choices he could. This is mostly true.

It seems to me that I've exceeded my own expectations for myself... or that I had none. I should think more about this. And I'd like to talk to you about your answer.

Who in your high school class do you feel you misunderstood the most / have you gained a greater understanding of or respect for their world-view?

Man, I gotta think about this. And I gotta leave work. More later, when I'll tackle Erica's questions... which are even harder ;)

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