Love and Money and Sickness

posted 26 Apr 2005, 2PM | 2 Comments

It's amazing how poorly I keep track of my wallet when one considers how much it sucks to lose my wallet. Normally it floats freely between my back pocket, my messenger bag, that cabinet at work, the center console of my car, the desk in my home office, the top of my bedside table, and the shelf in the hallway. Such is my wallet's routine. Sometimes it waits overnight in my jeans when I shed them onto teh floor.

I stayed home sick today, and the stress of freaking out about my wallet for one full hour did not aid my recovery. The sudden absense of this important packet that I take for granted presented me with a variety of sucky possibilities and questions. Should I cancel the credit cards? Will I have to go to the damn DMV? Should I check my bag again, for the 5th time? DID I LEAVE IT ON TOP OF THE CAR OMG WHY WOULD I LEAVE IT THERE I'M SO DUMB!

Luckily my fantastic girlfriend looked and found it on the floor of our Honda Element, parked securely at her office. Bless her! I for one am eagerly awaiting the barcode tatoos and RFID hand implants that will make these anacronistic pocket contraptions obsolete. I have enough STUFF to keep track of, thanks.

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27 Apr 05 at 06:46PM rusty said:

I haven't even had a wallet for three or four years now. I stuff credit card, debit card, license, and other debit card into the little paper sleeve the bank gives you for debit cards. Cash is basically just folded up in the same pocket, and there's usually a little collection of ID cards -- AAA, library card, and so forth -- floating around loose.

It's nice not having that giant lump under my right cheek all the time, and it seems to force me to not collect all that useless wallet crap that made me get rid of it in the first place.

I'm sort of thinking that maybe some kind of really small billfold might be needed though, because sometimes the cash gets a little wadded up and out of control.


28 Apr 05 at 11:18AM EricaLucci said:

I'm with you. I want an implant so I never have to carry anything around again. The impant needs to have phone and internet capabilities too. Of course.

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