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posted 27 Apr 2005, 9PM | 7 Comments

So, my friend Dave is taking a music history class, and the speaker at tonight's seminar is none other than Mr. J. Geils, of "Centerfold" and "Freeze Frame" fame, plus an entire catolog of more respectable guitar rock. As part of his final grade, Dave needs to ask Mr. Geils three questions tonight that are smart and appropriate for his class. What would you ask? Here's some band history to get you thinking. Please help ASAP.

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27 Apr 05 at 11:12AM Phil said:

horns and handclaps worked for your band, but times have changed. do you a possible renaissance for them as the formula for pop music success?


27 Apr 05 at 12:54PM Dave said:

First question I've come up with...

"Were there ever nights when you felt like you just couldn't play Centerfold again, and felt like the crowd would have gone home pissed off if you didn't play it...how do you reconcile that feeling?"


27 Apr 05 at 01:07PM starlen said:

Mr. Geils, have you found, this many years later, that love, in fact, still stinks?

Yeah, yeah?


27 Apr 05 at 01:14PM sixfoot6 said:

Okay, I thought of a couple of good ones:

Do you have any regrets about the way that MTV acted as a catalyst for your fame during the early 80s? Do you think videos are good for music?


Your music draws on blues, R&B, jazz, even reggae - music from all over America, and members of the J Geils Band came from all over the east coast. What effect has the city of Boston itself had on your music and your musical growth?


2 May 05 at 09:56PM Bobo said:

Who was the lusty lady in Centerfold, and more importantly What's your favorite type of bread? I don't want to seem too forward but you look like a marble rye kinda guy.


6 May 05 at 11:00AM Sean Gorman said:

About a year ago I decided that if I ever met someone famous that I would ask them what they had for breakfast that particular morning. I don't know why I find that interesting.

In case you were wondering, The "Macho Man" Randy Savage enjoys steak, eggs, and pancakes. He's the only one I've asked so far.


11 May 05 at 08:36PM Dave said:

I did find out why the cover of the album "Live - Full House" has five cards on it, but it's 3 jacks, a queen and a king. Most definitely not a full house. But the queen is winking. And I found out that the King is gay, therefore he's a queen.

From the horse's mouth.

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