Adobe + Macromedia = Super Sweet

posted 18 Apr 2005, 9PM | 1 Comments

So, today Adobe announced that it will be buying Macromedia, effectively rolling the design software playing field into one all-encompassing Unicron conglomerate. The question is, will Adobe preserve the Macromedia brand and its popular Studio MX suite (Dreamweaver, Freehad, Fireworks, Flash and Contribute) or will it merge these apps with the hugely successful Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, InDesign, GoLive, PageMaker) to form a SuperSuite? What applications would it contain, and what would they be called? My friend Star and I came up with a few ideas...

  • Possible names for new software package
    • Macrobe Creative Studio
    • Adocromedia Crudio MSCX
    • Adobedia StudiSuite
    • Macrobedia Suite SEX 2005
    • Acrobe Madomedia Crude Suit Max
  • Possible names for new software apps
    • FireShop
    • FireReady
    • PhireWorkshop
    • LiveFlasher
    • GoWeave
    • FreeFlashPhoto
    • WeaveMaker
    • DreamLiver
    • IllustriousHands
    • Frillustrator
    • Ill Frustrator
    • Handcrobat
    • LiverWorks
    • PhotoDreamer
    • FlashyButeMaker
    • Go Dream In Fire
    • Free Liver In Shop
    • Go Flash Paige
    • Fire Gulliver
    • Ready? Go In Shop, Hand Acrobat Liver, Make Fire
    • Work Makes Dreams Go Free

    Looking forward to some of these new products! Some of them sound exciting. Any other suggestions?

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18 Apr 05 at 06:49PM Jason said:

Hilarious! And a reference to the greatest movie of all time, too!

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