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posted 1 Apr 2005, 11PM | 3 Comments

Ah, so another Official Internet Jackass Day has officially come and gone. In case you missed it, today I launched YET ANOTHER social network called Sixfoo! 660�. Finally, a place for networks like Orkut, Friendster and Flickr to be themselves and keep in touch! Plus, it offers you YET ANOTHER place to type in a bunch of personal info and lists of the trendy media you consume.

In case you didn't notice the first time around, there are several pages to the parody once you "Sign In". I spent about 6 hours putting the whole thing together (enough time that I overslept and missed a 10am performance review meeting with my boss - oh, the irony!) but I think it came out pretty well. Special thanks to Leonard for suggesting ideas and icons for many of the networks, and to the Yahoo! gang behind 360� for being good sports. Yes, another Internet Jackass Day. Until next year.

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4 Apr 05 at 11:42AM Shaun said:

I found a disturbing lack of usability when attempting to access Sixfoo! in Lynx.


10 Apr 05 at 07:44PM lobsterzilla said:

Time for another entry, perhaps?


10 Apr 05 at 09:20PM sixfoot6 said:

You know, I think you're right ;)

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