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posted 5 Mar 2005, 2PM | 4 Comments

Back before I discovered weblogs, sixfoot6.com was a regular personal site filled with static content in the form of music, photos and writing. A recent email to this site prompted me to clean up some of those old pages, and reminded me that though I've never been much of a musician, I really miss recording music.

Most of the songs I've recorded were collaborations with my friends and brother during 1998 and 1999, right before the interweb began absorbing all my creative juice (note to self: UNPLUG SOMEDAY). Some of those songs were silly, others serious. In her email, Erica mentioned that MP3.com, which had hosted the tracks for years, has long been dead:

I've been looking for your e-mail address for months, and in telling every friend I had about the AC Sessions and having them join my search, I finally found my way back to sixfoot6.com - unfortunately to find that the AC Sessions links still point back to the defunct MP3 site.

I'd really, really like to hear these songs again. I can still remember Lo Straniero so well, it's such a beautiful song, and I miss hearing it.

That's a sentiment that I seldom hear about my creative projects, so I was flattered. The song in question was recorded in my friend Jonas's air-conditined living room in Plymouth, MA, with Jonas on piano, me on drums, and my brother Jeremy on guitar—we added the vocals later. Thus was born The AC Sessions. I've also restored links to some satirical songs, includng my parody of Eminem's My Name Is. Take a listen if you like. In the mean time, I'm going to try and remember to pull my guitar out of its dusty case.

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6 Mar 05 at 07:38PM e.j. said:

Thank you again for making the AC Sessions availible once again to your loving public. I was worried I'd never hear them again. You rock.

Also, I'm hearing the silly songs for the first time...Hahaha! Barbecutie is the best song EVER. Between the silliness and Project Omni, I have been giggling myself out of my chair all evening.

Have fun re-introducing yourself to your guitar...And let us all know how it goes :)



7 Mar 05 at 02:32PM jonas said:

recording for even just a short bit with you and jeremy was a life highlight. thanks for bringing back that memory. i whipped out the ac sessions compilation and listened to it tonight. still pretty damn good.


9 Mar 05 at 01:36AM frank said:

Hi. What kind of a web site is this, exactly? When I first came here, it seemed like a commercial website, designed to sell some product or service. But it doesn't really seem to be that. Then I thought it might be a hummingbird site, but it doesn't seem to be that, either. Please explain. Thank you.


9 Mar 05 at 01:50AM sixfoot6 said:

Frank, as the "about" section explains, this is a site devoted to the consumption of hummingbirds and hummingbird related products.

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