Starting the Day Off Right.

posted 29 Mar 2005, 10PM | 6 Comments

I climbed into my antique 1979 Ford Granada, warmed it up for a minute or two, took a big gulp of my green tea, set the thermos mug into my center console, popped the car into drive, rolled my way down to the bottom of the hill, turned left onto National Blvd, gunned it to avoid cutting off another car, prepared to turn right onto Manning, noticed a jogger about to cross Manning in the same direction, hit the gas to give really climb into the turn and give jogger plenty of room, experienced INTENSE BURNING SENSATION ON MY ENTIRE FOREARM GOD OH GOD, looked down to see green tea billowing across my arm and lap, thought about the illusion of centrifugal force, screamed and swerved like The Dude swatting at a doobie, righted my mug, yanked my car back out of oncoming traffic a second before I would have hit a mid-90s Buick, and swore twice before turning left onto the 10 onramp, bound for work. The pain in my skin has faded, but lo! the memory remains in my heart.

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29 Mar 05 at 05:22PM Jenny said:

Oh honey! be careful! no more full tea mugs! Car safe with lids! I'll buy some this weekend.


29 Mar 05 at 05:41PM jonathan said:

not dead = good.


30 Mar 05 at 07:01PM lobsterzilla said:

Green tea is a very salubrious, healthy drink -- taken internally.


3 Apr 05 at 12:30PM David said:

i wonder if Green Tea is good as part of a poultice for skin irritations ?


3 Apr 05 at 05:20PM lobsterzilla said:

Actually, yes, It's antibacterial and has anti-inflamatory properties. When applied at room temperature. *giggles*


3 Apr 05 at 11:30PM David said:

thought so. i used to have one of those home remedy guides or still do under a pile of clutter. i know garlic has similar properties as green tea but only if ingested i think. which one would you prefer on your skin? ;-P

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