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Ever since I first clicked through qwantz's songs as outline lists thread, I can't stop mentally converting pop songs I hear to outline format. It's hella addictive. Matt kicked it up a notch by publishing Since U Been Gone as a Powerpoint Annual report, to hilarious ends. But for now here are a couple of list-parsed songs of my own. I need to get these out of my head so I can move on with my damn life...


  • Things that old paintings on the tombs do:
    • the sand dance
    • move too quick
    • fall down like a domino
    • oh whey oh
  • Things the bazaar men by the Nile have
    • the money on a bet
  • Things gold crocodiles snap their teeth on
    • your cigarette
  • Things foreign types have
    • hookah pipes
  • Things foreign types say
    • "Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh"
    • "Walk like an Egyptian"
  • Things the blonde waitresses do
    • take their trays
    • spin around
    • cross the floor
    • drop your drink
    • bring you more
  • Things the blonde waitresses have
    • the moves
    • oh whey oh
  • Things the school kids are sick of
    • books
  • Things the school kids are not sick of
    • the punk
    • the metal bands
  • Things the school kids do when the buzzer rings
    • oh whey ph
    • walk like an Egyptian
  • Things all the kids in the marketplace say
    • "Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh"
    • "Walk like an Egyptian"
  • Things you will do
    • slide your feet up the street
    • bend your back
    • shift your arm
    • then pull it back
    • strike a pose on a Cadillac
  • Places to look if you want to find all the cops
    • the donut shop
  • Things all the cops do
    • hang out in the donut shop
    • sing and dance
    • oh whey oh
    • spin the clubs
    • cruise down the block
  • Things all the Japanese are with
    • their yen
  • Places the party boys call
    • the Kremlin
  • Things the Chinese know
    • oh whey oh
    • how to walk the line like Egyptian
  • Things the cops in the donut shop say
    • "Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh"
    • " Walk like an Egyptian"
    • "Walk like an Egyptian"


  • Things I did this morning:
    • looked out
    • saw the sun was gone
    • turned on some music
      • to start my day
    • lost myself ina familiar song
    • closed my eyes and I slipped away
  • Things that have come and gone
    • so many people
  • Things that fade as the years go by
    • their faces
  • Things that are as clear as the summer sky
    • my recollection
  • Things I do when I'm tired and feeling cold
    • hide in my music
    • forget the day
    • dream of a girl
      • I used to know her
  • Things that happen when I close my eyes
    • she slipped away
    • she slipped away
    • she slipped away
  • Things that happen when I hear that old song they used to play
    • I begin dreaming
    • more than a feeling
    • I see Marianne walk away
    • I see my Marianne walk away

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30 Mar 05 at 07:03PM lobsterzilla said:

Boston! How appropriate.

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