Parking Violated

posted 1 Mar 2005, 1PM | 7 Comments

So, nothing starts the day off like a nice $45 parking ticket. Forty five dollars! Why, I could have bought 2 movie tickets for the cost of that parking ticket! I'd been ticket-free for 6 months, and slipped up despite the fact that I was awake early enough to have moved my beast of a car. Unfortunately for my wallet, I was distracted. I was glad to see that the street sweeper had actually come tracing its steamy tracks around the Granada's footprint. So I truly deserved the ticket.

I offer you a list of my top six pet peeves:

  1. Getting parking tickets.
  2. Hunting for parking.
  3. Paying for parking.
  4. Forgetting where I parked.
  5. Parking.
  6. People who constantly make lists.

I'm pretty dissappointed with the design of the L.A. Parking Tickets site, but at least they offer a poorly designed interface for paying my ticket by web. I should really follow Erik Benson's example and sell my car, to start outsourcing all of my possessions.

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2 Mar 05 at 01:49PM Andrew said:

Parking tickets in Chicago are $50-$75, so I have $5-$30 worth of sympathy for you.


2 Mar 05 at 01:58PM Jenny said:

Can we start selling our stuff? I'd love to get that started up... when is the first party/auction?!


2 Mar 05 at 03:37PM sixfoot6 said:

I think i remember hearing that there are $115 parking tickets in NYC. It sounds like a science fiction joke.

I think superfluous books and clothes are the first to go. And the boxes full of silly trinkets. We should make a list and have a yard sale or ebay that shit.


3 Mar 05 at 09:10AM Ali said:

Boston parking tickets are bright neon orange, so it sucks when you're walking back to your car and you can already tell you've got a ticket from half a mile away. It's rather like a guessing game, though. Hmm, how much will my ticket cost today?

Nice site, by the way. My first time visiting and I will most definitely be back :o)


3 Mar 05 at 05:47PM ld said:

you still have that car?! oh my gosh! ... i think one of my biggest laughs ever was watching that car roll down the hill in front of trip's house after cocktails one night. we weren't sure if you were going to make it. heh. good times.


3 Mar 05 at 10:54PM sixfoot6 said:

Yeah. the car's getting old, but it's holding up all right. That rolling car gag was hilarious indeed - Awol and Josh and I stll talk about it ;)


24 Mar 05 at 08:06PM alvin said:

Haha I like the idea of outsourcing!

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