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posted 2 Mar 2005, 3PM | 6 Comments

Dear Wired,

I quite enjoyed the first page of your recent article about Wikipedia. I did not, however, enjoy the second page of the article, which featured a Flash ad containing a large bumble-bee BUZZING loudly every five seconds BUZZING while I attempted to BUZZ read. You can see how BUZZING that kind of thing would BUZZ turn off a reader and prompt him to leave your site. Needless to say, I did not make it to the BUZZY BUZZ third or fourth page. BUZZ.

Fortunately for me, I'll no longer be BUZZ-BUZZ bothered by these ads, as I've installed BUZZZZZZZZZ ad block software into Firefox. To make up for the lost revenue, you might BUZZZ consider an issue of your print magazine that offers me an electric shock midway through each article, or BUZZINGLY screams out, "We don't respect our readers! Buy Pepsi!" whenever I try to turn the page.

Even as I type this into your contact form, the fly is up there just begging me to bail on this letter and leave the site forever. Why, what a fine way to screen your feedback! Thanks so much! Please don't cause my browser to make sound without warning and with no visible way to turn it off. You guys are better than this.


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2 Mar 05 at 04:42PM Eric Irvine said:

..well I can't say that I can see it,....aww...and i'm on firefox too, what gives?


2 Mar 05 at 04:56PM sixfoot6 said:

I thought that might happen. Either the system randomized to a new ad or my dropping this little rant into their contact form caught someone's attention. I should have at least got a screenshot...


3 Mar 05 at 11:07AM sixfoot6 said:

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for writing in, we appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately, this ad slipped into the Wired News ad rotation when it never should have. We have a strict policy of not running ads that feature uninitiated sound, and we have received many complaints about it. Our ad department informed us that this ad has been removed from rotation, so you should not be seeing it again. If you do happen to, please let me know and we will continue to pursue the issue. The staff here at Wired News is also very annoyed by this ad and we are hoping ourselves that it is gone.



4 Mar 05 at 03:43AM Pierce said:

Fair play to them. That's the kind of reaction you want. That's that then.


4 Mar 05 at 01:40PM whittler said:

Result! Also, Mr Pants, your blog has the slickest layout I have come across yet. Very nice job.


6 Mar 05 at 07:31PM e.j. said:

I've seen this ad on about a....gazillion...pages (Most notably Myspace, whose webmaster got 3267850432 complaints). It's awful. Makes me want to pour hot wax in my ears. Especially when I have music turned way up on my speakers...Yeah, I think a BUZZ every five seconds goes really good with Elliott Smith.

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