Notes on Pending Redesign

posted 23 Aug 2004, 3AM | 4 Comments

In and among my dozen or so projects (freelance, performing, learning Flash for some goddamn reason, housecleaning, writing, trying to resist picking up Doom3) I have plans for a redesign of this site. In theory I'd like to keep it simple, to get it done sooner, but I'm not making any promises. Here's a general list of needs and goals I'm hoping to include.

  • No tables, just like the old days.
  • No YELLOW.
  • featured projects / events, to give more weight/value to my other pursuits (see stopdesign)
  • more subtle "keeping busy" list, for my own purposes
  • photo of the day / or photo blog incorporated into layout.
  • integration with flickr
  • well structured CSS, like the old days. simple. markup even more semantic than usual.
  • a content randomizer, to dynamically load icons / links to old episodes, static content, favorite posts. Pachaged PHP scripts, or do I need to learn that too? Could be nested randomized includes, but that sounds sketchy. Ideas?
  • no popup comments.
  • streamlined Moveable Type CSS and classses.
  • Fitts law for links to major sections. (see mezzoblue)
  • Cute icons for section links (Adobe CS, mezzoblue, others?)
  • huge date-based archive of all weblog entries ever since my permalinks began. (sure, kid. but gosh, i sure would use it.)
  • modular approach to the process, so I can go live without everything finished but keep moving forward.
  • careful use of includes to keep Dreamweaver parts Dreamweaverable
  • run through stat failure reports to fix old missing pages
  • searchable? PROBABLY NOT
  • banner oriented for easy doocey look-and-feel swaps
  • More whitespace
  • style background widget for blockquotes
  • XHTML Strict
  • Get added to this page.

There are 4 Comments


15 Feb 05 at 08:20PM Ethan said:

I always liked this layout, but I hear you on the no tables thing. What's the deal with no yellow? Yellow is my favorite color.


15 Feb 05 at 08:22PM just someone said:

I totally dig the popup comments, though. Sure you have to kill them?


21 Feb 05 at 01:13AM sixfoot6 said:

I'm afraid that everything's gonna have to change around here.


21 Feb 05 at 01:23AM sixfoot6 said:


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